Thursday, 10 February 2011

The best nordic deck i could come up with.


Hey guys. I've decided to devise a theoretical deck (i dont have the cards... yet) based on the nordics. I will explain my choices under the deck list.

The best nordic deck in existence.

Monsters - 18
2 Guldfaxe of the nordic beasts
3 Tanngnjostr of the nordic beasts
3 Tanngrisnir of the nordic beasts
2 Vanadis of the nordic ascendant
3 Valkyrie of the nordic ascendant
2 Ljosalf of the nordic alfar
1 Dvergr of the nordic alfar
2 Super nimble mega hamster

Spells - 12
1 Burial from a different dimension
1 Giant trunade
1 Monster reborn
3 Book of moon
1 Dark hole
1 Mind control
1 Pot of avarice
1 Mystical space typhoon
1 My body as a shield
1 cold wave

Traps - 10
3 Gleipnir, the fetters of fenrir
2 Solemn warning
1 Solemn judgment
1 Torrential tribute
1 Mirror force
1 Call of the haunted
1 Nordic relic megingjord

Reason for choices:
- Burial: Read my card review on Valkyrie of the nordic ascendant, and you'll understand why.
- 3 Gleipnir: Its an amazing card. It baits Mystical space typhoon and giant trunade, and searching for cards in your deck is always good.
- Megingjord: Im kind of undecisive on this card. It works on nordics and aesirs so it's rarely a dead card. It can be fetched with Dvergr too.
- Mind control: Why the hell not. If you have a guldfaxe and a level 3 monster, mind control their level 3 and synchro into thor.
- Call of the haunted: You're summoning extremely high attack monsters. that's why.

One thing i noticed is that i have no way of keeping a loki on the field if its destroyed. But there's only svartalf to use, and its a level 5. so no.

If you have any cards that you think i should change, comment.


  1. Vanadis can send it to te grave n get its level y not play with 1.

  2. - More likely to draw it with 3 in your deck
    - you can summon Valkyrie, and remove the other two from your hand and then use burial
    - With three, if you have already used 1-2 Valkyries and they are in your graveyard, you can still use vanadis's effect on the third thats in your deck
    - It's just the easiest way to bring out odin

  3. imperial iron wall stops valkyrie, since valk effect requires a monster on the opponents side to work, vanadis is the best run 3 with 3 valk, also wait till opponent gets sync out then special guldfax summon Tanngris , attack tanngris, token effect, sync thor . . .

  4. Throw in Ryko i meen u have the megahamsters kinda writes itself

  5. It's been a while since i posted this.

    I think i will post a revised version of this deck in the next few days.

  6. Might want to try another Ljosalf. Summoning fast leads to fast synchro

  7. maybe you could fit in a rei-mai (I think thats how it's spelled) she can help you get Valk to your hand faster. Effect Veiler is good for protecting your Aesir from over powered effect monsters like Gravekeepers decendent, Hand of the six samurai, Brionac umm I think you get it. to be honest I am not to fond of dvergr I think thaqts about it looks pretty good other than that

  8. might try to use this nordic deck that works very well


    x2 Super-Nimble Mega Hamster
    x3 Tanngnjostr of the nordic beasts
    x3 Tanngrisnir of the nordic beasts
    x3 Gulfaxe of the nordic beasts
    x3 Vanadis of the nordic ascendant
    x3 Giant Rat


    x2 MST
    x2 Pot of Avarice
    x1 Pot of duality
    x1 Book of moon
    x1 Giant turnade
    x1 Dark hole
    x1 Burial of different dimension
    x1 Monster Reborn


    x1 Solemn judgement
    x1 Mirror force
    x1 Trap stun
    x2 Bottomless trap hole
    x2 Dark bride
    x3 Gleipnir the fetters of fenrir
    x3 Dimensional prison

  9. hmm. Not bad. In my previous experience, 3 white goats are a little unnecessary because they need to be destroyed in battle, and they dont actually do much compared to ryko, which gets you monsters in the grave (which does not really matter for nordics) and field advantage. And 3 vanadis is a little overkill since you will not be going into odin 3 times in one game and im sure your opponent will be able to remove odin from the field by caius or some other removal effect (also bottomless).

    The rest looks good though.

  10. hey i was wondering, can vanadis send guldfaxe to the grave? i mean i know they're both level 4 so its seems pointless but the way i was thinking is you have tanngjostr and tanngrisnir or two goat tokens then you summon vanadis and send guldfaxe to the grave so when you synch for thor you have a nordic beast tuner for revivial fuel. can you do that or no cause they're the same level? sorry if thats a stupid question xD

  11. - Yes it can, and its level stays at 4. A common play is to have two tokens, summon vanadis, use its effect to dump guldfaxe and go into odin, so you have thinned your deck and got an odin. OR you can do as you said and go into thor and get one revival from the guldface you dumped.

  12. alright awesome! my friends thought it was a waist to do so and i keep telling them nooooo revive fuel for thor xD
    so ty for clarifing cause i wasn't sure if it was possible :D

  13. first of all, the only decent ways of summoning loki is by either mara or vanadis, but even then, synchro cards are "tools" to be used as needed. in quote, it is better to summon a BRD when the enemy has a full field, then it is to summon an aesir. valkrie is a pretty crap card, u should only need 1. so are Ljosalf and Dverg.
    Also, if unless ur playing purely against friends for thrills, i suggest u look at the current ban list as ur only allowed 1 book of moon. if not, i suggest you try cards like Rescue Cat and Ryko (note, i think book of moon stops your cards being destroyed, though it's better for a synchro)
    You shouldn't have more then 2 vanadis because it's hard enough as it is to have the nordics you want.
    And, please, get forbidden lance and/ chalice, to keep your cards alive. maybe even an effect veiler.
    Finally, list you're fusion/synchro deck

  14. The smartest thing i read on these post was buddy before me. Thumbs up.

  15. I would like to mention that i made this decklist back when Nordics came out. Since then, a few pro players have gotten hold of the deck and made them good. I can see that you guys have seen their deck choices and i agree. Valkyrie is not good enough for a competitive deck, and more than 1 vanadis is bad. I agree with everything you guys have posted and back then, i was trying to make it pure.

    I have placed a link to my 2nd attempt at the beginning of this blog post, so feel free to comment on that instead.


  16. very simple deck glad that u re made it. i also run a nordic deck. i keep 3 valkarie in there just incase of pulling it first turn because a first turn odin is absolutely amazing. and i also run 3 vanadis because i allways have a field full of monsters ready to b summoned into odin or thor. and frankly loki is garbage

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  18. u should add 2 valkeries 2 vandis 3 tanjostenir 3 tangreshnr 3 nimbles 3 tengus 2 guldfaxe 3 tengus
    2 giant rats or 2 effect valors ur choice.

  19. What about your synchros

  20. bro just do 2 white goat
    3 black goat
    2 vanadis
    2 guldfax
    2 effect v
    1 gorz
    2 nimble hamsters(boss)
    1 ryko
    1 marshmellon (stall+ level 3)
    maybe even dverg since u like using the traps i suggest even maybe using treeborn frog because this deck looses cards easily and ur field is gonna be empty 78% of the time

  21. Mara of The nordic alfar is a great replacement for svartalf.... I recommend you to use Mara instead of Svartalf