Sunday, 27 February 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Wiseman's chalice

It's been a while since ive reviewed a card other than a card from Storm of Ragnarok. Today im reviewing a special card called Wiseman's Chalice

This guy just got even wiser...

This Spell card debuted as a super rare in Duelist Revolution. You know the set: the one with the $100 Secret and the $50-60 Trap card.

If you control no monsters, you can special summon a monster from your opponent's graveyard to your side of the field. It cannot be used for a tribute summon or a synchro summon and in the end phase, give control of it to your opponent.

Wow, thats alot of restrictions on a card. At least you can attack with it. But i'm not reviewing it for any reason. Players have suddenly realised the potential of this card when the new game mechanic is released. That is, the wonders of exceed summoning.

To exceed summon, you need to place two monsters of the same level under the monster you wish to summon. Just like Mind control, it was abused when a new mechanic came out (synchro summoning) because the monster being taken control could be used with it.

With Wiseman's chalice, you can now use the monster you special summoned from your opponent's graveyard for an exceed summon. This has the possibility to see huge play when they are finally released in August.

So yeah, stock up on Chalice while they are less than a Dollar each, because i can see them going up very soon.


  1. WOW. When I saw this I went right away to all the card supplies website I knew. -_-
    and every single website were sold out on Wiseman Chalice! Just my luck and I thought I Could get my hand on a few of them!

  2. Yeah. Everyone has suddenly realised the potential of this card. I went on troll and toad, and some other sites. All sold out :(

    Good luck, anyway :)

  3. has them in stock