Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL: Looks to be a pile of s***.

Yup. I caught my first glimpse of ZEXAL the other day: the successor to 5D's. I have been watching 5D's (subbed) on youtube and even though the story is completely random and still goes on about "friendship and bonds means i win", its still entertaining to watch. I saw episode 145 the other day and Yusei was dueling Bruno (Antimony). Bruno uses Tech genus cards which debut in Extreme Victory, which is the set after Storm of Ragnarok and releases into the OCG on February 11th.

So with 5D's finishing on episode 150 (Thats about 4 weeks of Yugioh 5D's left, folks), a new Yu-Gi-Oh follows. Which is called ZEXAL.

I have not read too much into it. But i know the story follows a character called Yuma who duels some bully from his school. And some crazy event occurs with some being called Astral.

To be completely honest, 5D's was surprisingly good because the characters were not 15 year olds. They were older and it catered to the older viewers (I'm looking at you, GX). But ZEXAL? It just looks to be a pile of crap.

and what's with the name? Aparrently, the X in ZEXAL is not said, so its just "zeal".

I will only watch this to see the new cards, unless its just like GX but set in the future. *shudders*


  1. i agree whole heartedly, but i guess we can't judge a book by it's cover, well not yet, but come on, he does look a bit gay. he might as well be wearing a leotard for god's sake! The reason he looks young and over 'coloured' is due to the character having a astro boy base, in other words he was designed to look like a kid and be even more childish! but of course with every young protagonist as we have learned (Jadin Yuki) they all start off confident then lose their nerve and then gain their confidence using 'friendship', the concept will be the same once more but more for children -.-

  2. Yeah. It's like how GX appeared when the original series finished: childish, bad storyline and too many underdeveloped characters that just followed the main character around to cheer him on (A bit like tristan and tea, but multiply them by 10)

    Lets hope that they make the story good, otherwise i wont bother.

    1. a "childish" storyline isn't a bad or good thing. It's like a style. You can make any series have any sort of atmosphere, and it isn't bad or good because it's meant to match some viewer's tastes.

  3. It seems unfair to judge a series when you actually never saw it. I looked up who the main character was online and it explaiend that the character had lost their entire life but tried to become the best. It sounds as if the main character actually loses a lot more, rather than constantly be saved by the power of the deus ex machina like the other yugioh series. Hopefully the whole friendship thing is toned down a bit.