Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Watthydra

With storm of ragnarok, Watts have been given another installment of cards to add to their already unique arsenal. All of their monsters comprise of different animals that have been electrocuted into some kind of super animals. The synchro monsters of the archetype however, are based on mythical animals.

In Duelist Revolution, Watt players got introduced into Wattchimera. But in Storm of Ragnarok, Watts got another synchro monster called Watthydra.

A Gold Sarcophagus with a body!

Watthydra hits the field with an underwhelming 1500 attack and defence. But its effect explains why that's the case.

This card can attack directly. If this card deals damage to your opponent by a direct attack, you can remove from play a card from your deck and then you can add it to your hand in 2 turns.

So this card is a Direct attacker, with a built in Gold Sarcophagus. That's not bad at all. People play Gold Sarcophagus so one with attack points is even better. Since it can attack your opponent directly, you can get this effect multiple times with cards that let you attack twice, like double attack.

And this card is a Light monster, like the rest of the watts, so they all work with honest, so you can attack directly during your turn, and honest them on theirs. Which equals big amounts of damage.

However, like Wattchimera, its difficult to summon with its 1 Watt tuner + 1 or more non-tuner thunder type monsters. But unlike Chimera, it can be destroyed by bottomless trap hole with its 1500 attack.

But you can get round that with Royal Decree and Trap Stun, which are a necessity for Watt decks, which usually attack directly to get their effects.

So yeah, since it's a super rare, you can pick one up cheaply if you do decide to play watts.

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