Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: D.D. Sprite

Happy tuesday everyone! Time for another review.

If you are one of my normal readers, you may have noticed that i am churning out more reviews than i normally do. Well, since i've created this blog, i've realised how many people are reading it on a regular basis, and that means you, the reader, like what you're reading.

So yeah, i will write more reviews, in shorter time, on cards that you're pulling from the latest packs right now. Ok? Good.

Now onto the card. Today im reviewing D.D. Sprite!

This little one star tuner has no attack points and only 100 defence points. While that might sound bad, it's one of those cards that gets better and better the more you think about it.

You can remove a monster from your side of the field to special summon it from your hand. The monster removed by this effect is Returned to your side of the field in the next standby phase.

Now since you cannot use this effect on your opponent's turn, the monster removed will return on your opponent's standby phase.

Ok, if you have played this game for longer than a second, you will know that tuner monsters that special summon themselves are very good. There is nothing that says you cannot normal summon it too. Which in my opinion, makes it versatile.

But, while this card has that nice little versatility bonus, it does have a problem. The TCG rulings say that if D.D. Sprite is not present on the field in your opponent's standby phase, the removed from play monster does not come back. That does hurt the card very much since now you cannot use D.D. Sprite for a synchro summon without losing hand advantage.

But, there is one place that this card can shine. And with the release of the latest GX manga in march, the TCG will be introduced to Elemental Hero The Shining. The Shining and Elemental Hero Absolute Zero are two cards that are going to hit our meta with force. Absolute Zero has already been screwing around with opponent's for the last year with its ability to raigeki an opponent's field when its removed. But with D.D. Sprite, you can remove Absolute Zero for its effect, destroy your opponent's monsters, and get Absolute Zero back to be used again.

This card had so much potential, but Konami ruined what was a fun and splashable card. Give it a try anyway.

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  1. This would make the card good, but there is a ruling that if absolute zero is removed from in a way that he would return, it is counted as your opponent removing it, so your monsters are destroyed. This makes it far less useful, and even though i like this card, i think birdman probably does its job better.