Thursday, 3 February 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Vairon Matter

Today, i want to review a card that you are probably going to pull on saturday/sunday. It's quite decent and im surprised i didn't notice it before.

Its time for Vairon Matter!

Its dark matter, but more Vairon-ey...

This spell card has an effect similar to pot of avarice. You return 3 equip cards (The vairon archetype revolves around equip cards) from your graveyard to your deck, then draw a card OR destroy a card your opponent controls.

So, the card gives you two choices. An offensive and a defensive. Most of the time, draw power is more important than destroying something, unless you are pushing for game. And as for the cost, if you are using morphtronics, watts or Vairons, then it is a small price to pay for draw power or generic destruction.

But, the cost also means you probably shouldnt run more than one. If you run enough equip spells to be able to run 3 of these, then your deck probably sucks.

But like most of the commons of this set, i wouldn't recommend throwing this out.

Oh, and also, i heard that in the TCG, vairon has been changed to Vylon. I dont know why that's the case though.

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