Sunday, 20 February 2011

The 2011 March ban list: Forbidden discussion

For today's post, i would like to discuss what konami has decided to ban this format. With 5D's almost over and the new Exceed monsters coming out in the TCG in August, this is the last 5D's format *cries*.

In terms of the banlist, Konami have decided to Ban (put to 0) Goyo guardian, Cold wave and Mass driver. I want to discuss each choice individually.

Goyo guardian has been with us since august 2008. It's been around since the beginning of the 5D's era alongside Stardust dragon and Red dragon archfiend. It's always been close to bannable but konami left it at 1 to stop it being abused. Its amazing attack, not too shabby defence, and an effect that steals your opponent's monsters when it destroys them, makes it a powerhouse that takes its own prisoners. It also had no specific tuner or non-tuner requirement, which made it easy to summon whenever you wanted, to turn the tide of the duel. However, now that konami have banned it this march, players will have to resort to the other level 6's, mainly brionac, dragon of the ice barrier. But one of goyo's biggest bonuses was it's ability to take an opponent's stardust from them, so you can use it's effect yourself, or any monsters effect. Another option is Gaia Knight, the force of earth, with 2600 attack. It may not pack as much punch, but its generic, it gets over stardust, and its a warrior type.

Cold wave, for the last couple of formats, has risen in play with players suddenly realising how much of an impact monster effect have in yu-gi-oh, plus heavy storm being banned in september last year. Players needed another way of dealing with backrows other than giant trunade. It's ability to shut down spells and traps makes it an OTK tool. With Six samurai being able to churn out a Shi en, or Lightsworns being able to drop a Judgment dragon and blow up the field, or XX-Sabers able to summon XX-Saber Hyunlei, all the meta decks had a use for this card, and it was about time it left us for good. However, with it gone, the only decent backrow removal cards are Mystical space typhoon and giant trunade. It just is not enough removal to deal with your opponent's spells and traps, and people are fearing that march-august is going to be a "Set 5 facedowns and end my turn" format.

Mass driver when the shining darkness was released, was used in conjunction with Ronintoadin and Substitoad. Substitoad was used to fill the grave with frogs, and ronintoadin removed those frogs to special summon itself. Mass driver meant you could special summon ronintoadin, tribute it for mass driver and deal 400 damage, and repeat it 20 times for a total of 8000 damage. Konami decided to ban substitoad to deal with this First turn kill, but in my opinion, mass driver being banned would have killed the FTK and prevent new FTKs from arising in the future, thus allowing a more diverse card pool in the future without the worry that an exploitable loop would be found. Now that mass driver is banned, substitoad should come back to 1.

To be honest, goyo should have been left at 1. It was fine there, and im sure you agree with me on that. If anything, brionac is more devastating to the game and to the exceed monsters in the future.

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