Saturday, 26 February 2011

New Video: Six Samurais, which card is the real problem?

Hey guys. I made a quick video with my conversation with a guy last night at the tourney i went to. He played Six samurai and got first.

So yeah. He discussed how Kageki is a much bigger threat than Gateway. I personally am undecisive on which, but im veering into Gateway still being the problem. Konami seems to think so.

Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki, on its own, is a powerful card and while i compare it to cards like marauding captain, it is actually much better. Sure, it can only special summon a six samurai from your hand, but with Reinforcement of the army and 3 Shien smoke signals, the deck is just so incredibly consistent. When facing a deck that is tier one, you just hope to god that they get a terrible hand and draw into nothing so you can win in a few turns. The new six samurai however, do not have terrible opening hands, ever. Use Shien's smoke signal to search for kageki, summon it and get Kagemusha. then synchro summon Legendary six samurai Shi en. The fact that Kagemusha and Kageki are searchable by almost every spell card in the deck makes this combo too damn good.

On the other side, there's Gateway to the six, which Konami thinks is the problem. While Shien's smoke signal is a good search card, it cannot search Kizan unlike Gateway. With multiple gateway, you can search a six samurai after every summon, allowing you to summon multiple Shi ens in one turn. Can kageki summon more than one Shi en? No, it cant. After watching a few six samurai mirror matches, i came across one mirror match where one of the decks was in line with the new banlist, and the other was not. The guy that was running 3 gateways went 2-0 solely on the consistency that it had with those 3 gateways.

Right now, im undecided. They are both problems to your opponent in their own way and I doubt either one will get banned.

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