Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The best nordic deck i could come up with: Version 2.0

About a month ago, i posted a decklist of a nordic deck. It was a pure build (meaning nothing but nordic monsters, but there were two nimble hamsters) but i have realised that nordics work in conjunction with other non-nordic cards much better. It makes them more consistent, quicker and allows for non-nordic plays in the deck without harming the overall win condition.

Anyway, here's a revised version of the decklist, and my reasons for some of the choices:

Monsters - 19
3x Guldfaxe of the Nordic Beasts
3x Black Goat (Tanngnjostr)
2x White Goat (Tanngrisnir)
1x Vanadis of the Nordic Ascendant
3x Super Nimble Mega Hamster
2x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
2x Effect Veiler
1x Cyber Dragon
1x Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness
1x Card Trooper

Spells - 9
1x Book of Moon
1x Monster Reborn
1x Dark Hole
1x Mind Control
1x Pot of Avarice (2 works just as well)
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Giant Trunade
1x My Body as a Shield

Traps - 12
3x Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir
2x Solemn warning (or Bottomless)
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Trap Stun
1x Seven Tools of the Bandit
2x Dimensional Prison
1x Call of the Haunted

Extra deck - 15
1x Odin, Father of the Aesir
1x Thor, Lord of the Aesir
2x Stardust dragon
1x Colossal fighter
1x Scrap dragon
2x Black rose dragon
1x Chimeratech fortress dragon
1x Brionac, dragon of the ice barrier
1x Trishula, dragon of the ice barrier
1x Mist wurm
1x ally of justice catastor
1x Scrap archfiend
1x anything you want.

Reason for Some of the Choices:
- 1 Vanadis: It's slow, it cant stand long on its own, but it allows you to synchro into any aesir, and its dumping effect is very good. So one is best.
- Gorz: Yes i am running 12 traps, but the deck needed more aggression which this card delivers
- Card Trooper: It mills, it pumps itself and you draw when it dies. Every deck should be running this.
- Cyber Dragon: Same as Gorz. It provides some aggression and its a level 5, which is not a bad thing at all.
- Dimensional prison: It gets rid of problems like stardust. This deck likes to go into Black Rose Dragon with Black Goat and Guldfaxe, so d prison is good here.
- 1 trap stun and 1 seven tools: The Descending of your aesir needs to be protected. both of these cards allow you to summon it without interruption.
- My body as a shield: Same reason as trap stun/seven tools.


  1. you know vanadis is the main synchro of the deck its a card i immediately search for when i activate gleipnir, i use it to synch for formula the shooting star eventually, am currently testing mara in my nordics and out of 5 games got loki to the field 3 times along with odin or thor so mara in my opinion will be staple

  2. How do you synchro for shooting star?
    All i can see is Dvergr -> Vanadis -> Send a level 3 nordic to the graveyard -> synch for formula.

    But Nordics dont make level 8s. They have way to do that unless you start putting in bad cards like Tyr or Garmr.

  3. Hamster/Vanadis + Guldfaxe = 8
    Vanadis being the less desireable tuner to do this with IMO.

  4. Vanadis can only be used for a synchro summon if all of the other synchro materials used are Nordic monsters.

  5. ljosalf and guldfaxe or vanadis for a level 8 unless ppl dont use the alfar for w/e reason.

  6. Ljosalf is not really useful. It is when you have a high level already on the field, but that becomes situational. By all means use it, nobody will call you a troll for it.

    If you use Mara of the Nordic Alfar, then Ljosalf is essential.

  7. the best nordic deck is pure nordic deck.
    mara is good card but just for a loki deck with tyr, ljosalf and warm

  8. nice build.. but i wud replace the MBAAS with forbidden lance, reason being, it cant stop d.prison and stardust cn negate it. i'd side mbaas tho, for wen ppl side in their crossouts. oh n lance is also good for stoppin chain disappearance, u dont wanna get ur black goats removed.

    id also replace the cyber dragon n c.trooper with 2caius, rason being, idk if uv play tesetd alot but iv come to realize that, ppl wont realy attk you once they kno the deck. n drawing cyber after hamster or white goat, is horribly bad.. itll be dead most of the time, and it has no synergy coz ur main tuner is guldfaxe.

    personally for me, id put a gale over gorz (side gorz).. gale cn be agressive, while still givin u flexible sync options

  9. I put Cyber dragon in there to give the deck a beater while its setting up.

    And i agree about the Gorz part. I don't know why i put that in there to be honest.

  10. oh, u do have a second.
    so here's my opinions on this one.
    u don't need cyber dragon (i have a prime material dragon, it works a lot better and counters black rose and bottomless, also it has great synergy with effect veiler.

    card trooper doesn't really help ur deck, i think Big Eye works a lot better, especially with reasoning in hand (even with low chances) and of course add them to having 2 ryko's, ur just gonna get decked out.

    Get rid of 7 tools + MBAAS and get a forbidden lance or 2, and lose a solemn warning for a bottomless.

    Also, ur extra deck could do with an ancienty sacred wyvern and 1 more thor, and perhaps an ancient fairy dragon, for those who use field spells against you (like malefics).

    Finally, if u want a couple more things to coniser in ur deck, instead of call of the haunted, just think about these 2 cards. Stardust Shimmer and The Golden Apples.
    I think they are 2 greatly under used cards

  11. P.S. the reason why i suggest stardust shimmer is because, if u send out a nordic god, u potentially get it back. but if u don't send out a nordic god. it is almost ironic that you can send replay another card given that the nordics can replay themselves (if that makes sense)

  12. I think i get it. Anyway here's what i think about what you just said:

    - Cyber dragon is there to get field presence and bait out bottomless/warning. Prime material requires a tribute and this deck can get 4-5 monsters on the field, so this will get in the way.
    - Card trooper Was probably not a good idea. The deck does not suffer from milling too badly, but this card mills a little too much. The sort of thing only playtesting has told me.
    - 7 tools is godly this format. I've been putting it in nearly every deck and with this in your backrow, you can summon anything and know you're going to be making your opponent spend life points with warning of judgment.
    - 2 thor: I personally have tried to make this deck a bit more orientated towards summoning other synchro monsters other than the aesirs. Unfortunately, nordics don't do a very good job in summoning the Aesirs than we first thought. We have beaters and negaters in form of other, easier to summon synchro monsters (Stardust, colossal fighter). Thor does have its nice ability to negate effects, but that actually does not come in much handy most of the time.
    - Ancient fairy is a good idea. Gravekeepers are a pain, and can be dealt with with that
    - Call of the haunted is good because it is chainable. You can use it on card trooper and draw 1. I did have sangan in here initially so that was good too. Also, your dealing with big monsters at the end of the day, and call loves big monsters.
    - Stardust shimmer is bad because monster reborn exists, and Golden apples does not tie in with the deck at all at this point. You need to be taking a direct attack and this deck shouldnt have at least 1 monster on the field at all times.

    Thanks for the ideas.

  13. u only run one odin and one thor. i have summoned multipul odins on the field at the same time. i saw ur old deck list and saw u made a new one . happly because the old deck was a descrase. but this one isnt much better. and u dont even run a decisive armor? seriously. as soon as i only saw one odin and one thor i was like ok he must have some other good ones in the extra deck but seriously. deck #1 garbage deck #2 discrase to yugioh

  14. Any comment on my blog entries is good in my opinion, regardless of how nasty the content may be.

    You may have forgotten that the aesirs can revive themselves. Only under very small circumstances can you summon 2 aesirs in the same turn. Very rarely will you have a safe opportunity to summon an aesir without it being hit by a Solemn warning or a bottomless.

    And please do not call my deck lists a disgrace to yu-gi-oh. I back up my card choices and i have a good experience of the metagame and how well a deck does in it. Going out of your way to summon aesirs will lead to your defeat almost everytime.

    Thanks for commenting, anyway.

  15. how has the cyber dragon been testing?

  16. This deck is amazing... I've been summoning gods within 2 turns and just recently had an all out duel where i got out thor and odin in a single turn though my opponent got out 5-headed dragon with future fusion which screwed me over a bit. I got a monster reborn over his Victoria and specialed out some of his dragons to defend. (Had solemn authority on thor already) and began to hit his facedowns. He eventually gets thor down while i get his dead stardust which i defend against catastor with by sacrificing it. He later returns it to his extra deck and kills my odin once.(brought back)
    I felt like an mst would totally help. Guess what happened next turn?
    MST->bye future fusion and five-head->hello i win through some fluke or the 'heart of the cards'. :]

  17. Ok i have a Nordic deck, it runs a Mara, 2 Valkyrie,2 Guldafaxe, and 2 Vanadis, i can summon Odin anytime but my deck can also summon DAD or Chaos Sorceror, but they are in my side deck. Also you have to make the deck partially immune to Archlord Krysta and Infernity decks so run Trap Stun and March Towards Ragnorak. also run the sword, belt and wand Nordic Relic cards. They help a ton

  18. Also with my build you run Neo Spacian Grand Mole, Magical Mallet and Gorz as well

  19. add a photon veil it allows you to add 3 valkyrie instantly