Sunday, 20 June 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Herald of Perfection

Sorry its been a while. but heres the next review.

In the last 3 booster sets, Konami has given us a decent amount of Ritual support and the newest addition is the Herald of Perfection.

If it could negate summons too, then it would be perfection.

Like all ritual monsters, this one can only be summoned by its own ritual spell card Dawn of the Herald. To summon it this way, you must tribute monsters from your field or hand whos levels equal Exactly 6. This might sound tricky to do consistently, but its effect really does make up for it.

Whenever your opponent activates a spell, trap or monster effect. You can send one fairy type monster from your hand to the graveyard to negate and destroy that card!

Now with 2800 defence, this monster is better suited in defence mode to serve as a inpenetrable wall. And with its effect, your opponent will have trouble getting a monster with high enough attack on the field to get rid of it.
With cards like Beckoning light, dark factory of mass production ,archlord kristya and the ritual spell card itself, maintaining a hand full of fairies to discard is easier than it sounds. This means your opponent has to use many useful cards in his hand until you run out of fairies.
Its effect also means that your opponent will be powerless against the other monsters you summon. While Herald of Perfection is on the field, your other monsters can attack while Herald negates the traps your opponent attemps to use.

This card has become its own tier 1 deck in the current meta. Its strategy involves the use of Manju of the ten thousand hands, Senju of the thousand hands and Sonic bird as well as Preperation of Rites and Advanced Ritual Art to facilitate its summon as quick as possible. Some variants also use Royal decree so that you only need to worry about discarding for monster effects and spells.

So if you like the idea of a competitive ritual monster which negates pretty much anything, give Herald of Perfection a try this meta!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Field Spell Zone, How useful is it?

I have decided to talk about, possibly, the least used zone on the field. The reason i want to talk about it is because it is extremely underrated. Many decks revolve around a field spell but tier 1 decks do not. But why is that?

Field spells have the amazing ability to be placed on the field and affect both players simultaneously. Because of that it can sometimes be considered more powerful than most normal and continuous spells. Some of their effects can completely devastating while some are easy to play around. Lets have a look at some of the better field spells.

Black Garden: With the power to cut your opponents summoned monsters in half, while giving you tokens, its a useful field spell for plant players. A few plant type monsters benefit when your opponent has plant types on the field, and they get extra attacks or other effects. This card also allows you to summon Black Rose Dragon from your graveyard (as long as you use 3 tokens for it).

Necrovalley: Gravekeepers have had their archetype reborn with additional cards in the Absolute Powerforce booster set. Necrovalley has to be on the field for some of their effects to work, as well as some of their support cards (Like Royal Tribute, one of the main reasons to play gravekeepers). And with the ability to stop graveyard shenanigans, its a powerful field spell this format, and in many formats to come.

Skyscraper: While not as popular, it takes the weak elemental heroes and turns them into 2000+ attack when attacking. This can take down many high beaters your opponent summons. There is also Skyscraper 2 - Hero City, which lets the cards controller special summon a level 4 or lower elemental hero from your graveyard that has been destroyed in battle previously. This lets you swarm Elemental Hero Stratos everytime its destroyed, and keep adding cards to your hand.

Geartown: If not, the BEST field spell currently avaliable. Currently being used in a the Machina Geartown variant, its effect lets you special summon huge monsters extremely easy, allowing for a quick swarm. The best part of all, its special summoning happens when its destroyed. so your opponent better think before using his heavy storm.

Now, apart from Geartown, field spells are prone to destruction more than your average trap card. Its vulnerable to cards that destroy face up cards (e.g. Twister) as well as your average spell/trap destroyers, like Heavy storm. And when the cards gone, the effect is no longer there, which means the deck that relies on that field spell is now in trouble. With many decks this format wanting to be as fast as possible, they pack many cards that destroy spells and traps. So they do not have to deal with them when attacking. Thankfully, there are cards that can protect your field spells. The rarely used Field Barrier protects your field spell while its on the field, but you would need to have it while your field spell is on the field, otherwise its a dead card.

Another card thats recently been released in the Shonen jump magazine is Malefic Stardust Dragon. Its effect lets you special summon it from your hand by removing a Stardust Dragon from your extra deck from play. But what makes it better than the other Malefic monsters is that it comes with its own ability, which is that field spells cannot be destroyed by card effects! With Malefic Stardust Dragon on the field, as well as your field spell, you are in a great position.

So you see. Field spells might be tough to keep on the field, but more and more support is being released, as well as more field spells to use. So why not try one today?

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Ronintoadin

Frogs have been given one of the most notable additions in The Shining Darkness. Since its release it has pushed them over the edge and made them tier 1. The card i am talking about of course is Ronintoadin!

Now its effect is extremely useful. On its own, its useless. But combined with the capabilities of the other frogs, its banworthy. You can remove one frog monster to special summon it from the graveyard, but it cannot be used as synchro material. And while its face up on the field, its treated as "des frog"

With 2000 Def, this card serves as a decent wall which can special summon itself when destroyed. That makes it better than you're average high defence wall!

Lets break its effect down. You can use its effect as many times as you want per turn. That means cards that tribute monsters for something benefits from this card. And thats exactly what frog players have done. Frog FTK involves dumping 20 monsters to the graveyard via Swap Frog and Substitoad, then using mass driver to tribute Ronintoadin 20 times to deal 8000 damage!

Also, since it is treated as Des frog while on the field, it can be used in conjunction with the real des frog, as well as dupe frog (Which is also treated as des frog) with the spell card des croaking to blow up your opponents entire field.

And even though it cannot be used as a synchro material, it has been used in Frog monarchs. By using Ronintoadin and treeborn frog, you can easy provide the fodder to tribute summon a monarch each turn! (as long as you keep drawing monarchs, of course).

Both of these decks have proven to be as competitive and as strong as the best decks of this format, and all because of Ronintoadin.

Expect this card to be limited or banned come september, and with most of the cards easy to get (most of them are common or rare), theres no excuse to try frogs out right now!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Infernity Doom Dragon

Hey. The next card i've decided to review is another infernity card. But this one is the high attacker of the archetype. Say hello to Infernity Doom Dragon!

Quite possibly the ugliest dragon in the entire game.

While not the nicest looking dragon in terms of art, it has a cool effect that hurts your opponent for a nice amount of burn damage.
While you control this face up card and have no cards in your hand, you can select and destroy 1 face up monster your opponent controls and deal damage equal to half of its attack. But if you use this effect, it cannot attack this turn.

Now this effect can be very handy. Its best to use it when your opponents monster has over 2000 attack points, so you deal more damage with the effect rather than attacking it. And if your opponent has a large number of traps on the field, its a safe way to take out your opponents cards without worrying about their potential Mirror force/Dimensional prison if you were to attack instead.

As for its stats, its powerful 3000 attack is enough to get over most things, and go toe to toe with the big bosses. Its 2400 defence is good to. If it somehow gets forced into defence mode, Monarchs, jinzo etc. cant get over it.

Now as for its requirements to synchro summon it, thankfully the only specific tuner it needs is a Dark one. That means it can be synchro summoned using the popular Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind or a Dark resonator. But the most suitable way would be to synchro using the Infernity Tuners; Infernity Beetle and Infernity Avenger.

But what makes this dragon so good? Its the first word in its name: Infernity.

With the special summoning capabilities of Infernities, its extremely easy to keep special summoning it over and over. You can use Infernity Launcher to special summon Doom Dragon and Infernity Archfiend. Or you can use Infernity mirage instead to special summon it.

So if you're playing infernities this format, put 1 or 2 of these into your extra deck. You wont be disappointed!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Blackwing - Breeze the Zephyr

Blackwings have been updated with The Shining Darkness booster set, and even though they did not make much of an impact on blackwing players, one card has proven to be of some use. And that card is Blackwing - Breeze the Zephyr.

Not a black feather in sight...

This card is thought of by some players as a 2nd Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind. Which is one of, if not, the most important blackwing monster in the archetype. Because of its amazing ability to cut the attack of your opponents monsters in half permanently, it was a staple in Blackwing Decks and used in many other decks too. But soon after its release, it was made limited on the ban list and severely damaged the swarm power of the deck.

Breeze's effect might not be able to cut your opponents attack points, but it can help swarm the field and synchro just as fast. When its added from your deck to your hand by means of a spell, trap or monster effect, you can special summon it. Also, it can only be used for a synchro summon of a Blackwing synchro monster.

Its first effect is easy to pull off. With 1100 attack points and the amazing support card Black Whirlwind, it is searchable by normal summoning any blackwing monster with 1200 or more attack. That means you can summon Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame, Blackwing - Bora the Spear, Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind etc. and get free Breeze the Zephyr.

Its second makes it a balanced card. With only 3 Blackwing synchro monsters currently avaliable (Black Winged Dragon does not count as a Blackwing monster), you are limited as to what combos you can do. The easiest would be to summon Shura or Bora, search out Breeze the Zephyr through Black Whirlwind, and then synchro summon Blackwing - Armor Master. Or you can summon Gale or Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow, and synchro summon into Blackwing - Armed wing.

But a big problem with this card is when you draw it. Its effect does not activate when you normally draw it, and it has too low attack power to do sufficient damage.

So there we have it. I would give this card a 3/5. Its a nice way to replace the missing gales, but it just seems like its lacking the same awesome factor that its older brother had.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: XX-Saber Darksoul

With The Shining Darkness, X-Saber players have been given some new and powerful monsters to work with. While 2 of them are OCG exclusives (Palomuro and Pashuul), there are 2 others which are brand new. And one of them is the XX-Saber Darksoul.

Darksoul was a well recieved addition to an already great archetype, and its not hard to see why. Its effect lets you search for another "X-Saber" at the end phase when its sent from the field to the graveyard during that turn. But firstly i want to talk about the other parts of this card that make it so good.

Its a level 3 Beast-type. Which means its searchable by Rescue cat. Rescue cat has proven to be an amazing card in X-Sabers, with its capability to summon airbellum and another level 3 beast-type for a quick level 6 synchro. But now you can summon Airbellum and Darksoul, synchro into a level 6 (Like XX-Saber Hyunlei so you can destroy 3 spell/traps), and then search out an X-Saber at the end of the turn!

Or you can synchro into Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, search for a monster, then next turn you can discard the card you searched out. And because Darksoul's attribute is earth, if you have 1 level 3 earth monster on the field, you can normal summon Rescue cat, use its effect to special summon airbellum and darksoul, and synchro into XX-Saber Gottoms! And with XX-Saber Gottoms, you can discard your opponents cards by tributing another Darksoul, and search at the end of your turn!

But thats not all, if you somehow manage to send darksoul to the graveyard multiple times in the same turn, you get to search an equal amount of times! With this in mind, its essential to use 3 copies of XX-Saber Faultroll.

But at 100 attack and defence points, you wont be using this card offensively, so you might not want to use 3 copies incase you draw multiples in your starting hand. But at least you can use its effect to search for something with a bit more power, like the other The Shining Darkness TCG exclusive, XX-Saber Boggart Knight.

So if you're using an X-Saber deck and want more speed, then get your hands on an XX-Saber Darksoul!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Wattgiraffe

Today i've decided to review a cool card from a brand new archetype from the shining darkness. The watt archetype is a set of thunder type monsters with some pretty nice effects. So i present to you, Wattgiraffe!

It stomps down your opponents life points. What more could you want?

For a level 4, this cards stats (1200 attack and 100 defence) are quite lacking, but its effect makes up for it. Firstly, this card can attack directly. And at 1200 damage each attack, your opponents will want to do something about it as quick as possible.

Next, after Wattgiraffe deals the damage, your opponent cannot activate spells, traps, spell/trap effects (like royal oppression) or monster effects until their turn. That means you can attack with this card, then in your main phase 2, you can use any cards without fear (Heavy storm his potential starlight road anyone?).

Now, if you feel like 1200 attack points is easy to deal with, then Watt players have Wattcube, an equip spell that you can equip to a thunder type monster and boosts the equipped monster by 100 attack points for each thunder type in the graveyard. Or you can send wattcube to the graveyard from the field to increase the attack of one thunder monster on your field by 1000atk until the monster leaves the field.

With Wattcube used on wattgiraffe, you have got yourself a 2200 attack direct attacker with only two cards! And thats with only one wattcube. If you use 3 wattcubes, thats 4200 attack points! Thats enough to beat your opponent in only 2 turns!

In conclusion, if you like the idea of a potentially powerful direct attacker that shuts down your opponent, then Wattgiraffe is for you!

Look out for the other Watt monsters in The Shining Darkness, Wattwoodpecker and Wattfox. And if they caught your interest too, then watch out for the next set of Watt cards in The Duelist Revolution and Starstrike Blast sets!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Synchron Explorer

With the release of the Starter Deck: Duelist Toolbox in the week or two, there has been a few noticable new cards that had been added. One of them is Junk Destroyer, a huge destructive beatstick that can clear your opponents field (If you want to read more, you should read my review about it).

But another, not so popular card has been welcomed by players called Synchron Explorer. This card is what many Junk and quickdraw decks are placing into their decks and they are seeing better results instantly.

Incase you didn't realise, the tuner monster comes out of its belly.

This card might not have the Attack power to destroy anything, but its level and its effect is what makes it unique and powerful.

When this card is normal summoned, you can special summon from your graveyard a monster that includes "Synchron" in its name. But its effect is negated.

Now how many monsters can you think of that have Synchron in their name? A few at least. But heres the great part: All the cards you can summon with this card are Tuners. When you summon this card, you get your tuner monster with this cards effect, and now you have the components to synchro summon. But what can this card special summon and eventually synchro into?

Junk synchron ---> Junk warrior
Quickdraw synchron ---> Nitro warrior
Drill synchron ---> Any level 5 synchro monster
Road synchron ---> Any level 6 synchro monster (of if you had a level 2 monster on the field already, then Road Warrior.)
Nitro synchron ---> Armory Arm
Hyper synchron ---> Any level 6 synchro monster

While there are other cards Synchron Explorer can summon, these are the best ones. But the synchro monsters summoned by this card only required you to normal summon Synchro explorer. And you dont need to worry about trap hole, bottomless trap hole or any similar traps because it has 0 attack points!

This card is also useful because players use a synchron monster to synchro summon, then it goes to the graveyard, rarely ever to be used again that game. Well this card lets you bring it back with no cost. Its practically a reverse Junk synchron!

So if you use any synchron monsters, love to synchro summon with just 1 card, or if you just like shiny cards. Then Synchron Explorer is the card for you!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Infernity Barrier

Shining Darkness has proven itself to be one of the best booster sets in the last couple of years (The last two good ones were Light of Destruction and Phantom Darkness. All the others after that have been slighty anticlimactic with their impact on the game.) and with the shining darkness comes the full force of Infernity Archetype.

Infernities have become a powerful One turn killing force since the TCG release at the start of may. The rarity of each card had been increased to make them harder to aquire. But that didn't stop many players fishing out large amounts of money to buy boxes in the hopes of getting a set of each infernity card.

And the Infernity card that is pretty difficult (And the most expensive on the secondary market) to pull from a Shining Darkness booster pack is the all powerful Infernity Barrier.

Perhaps the ultimate barrier...

Released as a TCG exclusive secret rare, this card is a staple in any professional infernity deck. It is currently priced at around £40 ($60) and people who cannot afford them are trading vast amounts of their accumulated rare cards to get them.

Its effect is simple but powerful. While you control a face up attack position infernity monster, while you control no cards you can negate the activation of a spell, trap or monster effect and destroy it.

This card is capable of shutting down your opponent completely when played at the right time. And since its a trap card, it will not stay in your hand for long. It is also a counter trap, so it is very difficult to negate by your opponent. This combination means that it fits the infernities style of play perfectly: Fast and Dominating.

There are a few flaws in this card that can be worked to your opponents advantage:
- You need to have an attack position infernity monster to activate this card. If you dont have one on the field and you draw this card, its dead in your hand and you had wish you had drawn a solumn judgement instead (which has almost the same effect). With this in mind, it makes sense to run 2 infernity barriers in the deck instead of 3.
- Also, infernity players prefer to put their monsters in defence position since there is no reason for them to be in attack mode most of the time (Like Infernity necromancer, which switches itself to defence when its summoned)
- Its a trap, which means its prone to dust tornado, mystical space typhoon, heavy storm and to a lesser extent, bait doll. But the same applies to any other trap in the game.

In conclusion, this card is an essential piece of the Infernity arsenal. It fits its play style, it negates whatever your opponent wants to throw at you, and theres essentially no cost (except for the no hand condition, but infernities usually have no hand anyway).

Would i recommend this card? yes i would. But if you happen to pull it out of a booster pack and you dont have an infernity deck, then i suggest you sell/trade it while its still high!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Reasoning

An old card with a very crazy effect. Lets take a look:

Floating cards? It makes me wonder what is in that pipe of his...

"Your opponent declares a monster Level. Then pick up cards from the top of your Deck until a monster that can be Normal Summoned is picked up. If that monster is the same Level as the one declared by your opponent, send all picked up cards to the Graveyard. If not, Special Summon the picked up monster and send the remaining cards to the Graveyard."

A somewhat underrated card that can be extremely handy to many decks currently out there right now. With many decks that love putting monsters into the graveyard, this card can be extremely beneficial.

There are a few good decks that can use this card and pull off an easy one turn kill:

- Evil hero dark gaia deck: Dump the cards you need. Play dark calling and summon Dark gaia, all with 2 cards in your hand.
- Hopeless Dragon: Once again, dump all the high level dragons that cannot be normal summoned with reasonings effect, then use Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon to Special summon them to the field. Also, if your opponent does not declare the right card and you special summon a dragon with reasoning's effect, then you have the monster to remove for Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon's Summoning condition!
- Zombies: Put lots of zombies in your graveyard, where you can use book of life, zombie master and call of the haunted to bring them back.

Most players will agree that thinning your deck is extremely important to get to the cards you want in your deck. Which is why players currently run cards such as Ryko, lightsworn hunter, Card trooper, and also cards that search other cards like XX-Saber Emmersblade and Mystic Tomato. So this card is a brilliant way to help get the cards you want.

However, this card does have its cons:
- If you run a very spell/trap heavy deck, you will probably end up sending many useful cards to your graveyard.
- It picks up the cards, then sends them to the graveyard. So Monster effects like Wulf, Lightsworn beast will not activate, rendering them useless.
- While it can do a lot for you, it is slightly luck reliant. You might accidently special summon a card like Junk synchron; a card that would rather be normal summoned so you can get its effect.

So if you have the space in your deck, love monsters in your graveyard, and like an almost free monster put onto your field with no drawbacks, then consider putting this card into your next deck. Or at least, your side deck!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Junk Destroyer

Hey once again. Today im going to review a recent love of mine, Junk destroyer.

Ive always been intrigued with the Junk monsters, and this card is a welcome and competitive addition to the family. If the archetype was an actual family, this would be the big daddy.

I think he wants a hug...

It has 2600 Attack power and 2500 defence, which is not too shabby for what it is. It requires Junk synchron (Or Quickdraw Synchron) as the tuner and 1 or more non-tuner monsters. But its effect means if you use more than 1 non-tuner, you'll be rewarded for it.

When its synchro summoned, you can destroy a number of your opponents cards up to the number of non-tuner monsters used for the synchro summon of this card!
Incase anyone reading this has not noticed yet, thats a potential of up to 4 cards you can destroy, whether you want to blow up your opponents back row, or his swarm of blackwings, or a bit of both.

This card is incredible. Since you're opponent will only have a few cards on the field, you can usually clear it and attack for a painful 2600 points.

There are lots of combos that can be done with this card. Here's my favourite:
You could synchro this card using a Junk synchron/Quickdraw synchron + 3 tuningwares. you get to destroy 3 cards and draw 3!. Thats a net advantage of +6 in total!
And whats more amazing, is that you can play de-synchro and +6 again! And with machine duplication, foolish burial and reinforcement of the army in your deck too, you can use this combo consistently nearly every game!

Now this card does have some drawbacks, while not on the card text itself, is worth considering while using this card:

- Its 2600 atk is quite easy to get over. but you should blow up the higher attack monsters with this effect when its summoned.
- After its effect has been used, its essentially a normal monster after that.
- When you clear the field, your opponent might have a gorz in hand, which has 100 attack more than junk destroyer and can get over it next turn.
- STARLIGHT ROAD. This card is easy to negate with it. Fortunately if you only destroy one card using its effect, starlight road cant be activated.

And there you have it, its mean, its new, it blows stuff up. What more can you want?

Conclusion? If you're running junk synchron or quickdraw, you should put at least one of these in your extra deck!

Nuff said!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Dandylion

Hey. This is going to be my first card review. with hopefully many more to come. I want to share my experiences with cards that ive used and cards that i feel i should share my two cents about. Now some of you might not agree with what i say about the card i review, or have an interesting story about it. I'd love to hear it! If i can say how i feel about a card, then im sure you can too.

Now lets get started. With the release of ABPF special edition a few months ago, and the recent ban list updated in march. We have dandylion, a newly semi-limited cute flower-lion thing with 300 attack and 300 defence. Its effect is whenever it is sent to the graveyard, it gives you a couple of "fluff tokens" (how cute!) in defence position. But these two tokens cannot be used for a tribute summon that turn.

Dandylion's got attitude!

Now let me tell you why its good. Dandylion effect can trigger when its sent to the graveyard in ANY way. Whether it be by discarding from your hard, being destroyed by battle, or the most popular way, sent from your deck. And heres another great part, its effect is MANDATORY. You dont get the choice to summon the tokens, its effect triggers by itself. that means just like Wulf, it cannot miss the timing.
And when you get the tokens, you cant tribute them. BUT you can send them for a synchro summon. This means another 1 or two levels onto any monster you wish to synchro summon.

A good monster to use this card with is Quickdraw Synchron. Use its effect to send DandyLion to the graveyard, special summon itself and the two tokens, and now you have a selection of monsters you can synchro into:

- Nitro warrior, for getting over high attack monsters
- Turbo warrior, for taking down other synchro monsters
- Drill warrior (See jeff jones deck down below)

and with the recent release of Junk destroyer (Which i will do a review on), the tokens will help contribute towards that, and net field advantage at the same time.

Simply put, if you send cards to your graveyard a lot and you like to synchro, im sure theres room for one or two of these cute flower-things in your deck.

Its recent shine in the spotlight has come from a new deck made by a many time shonen jump winner Jeff Jones, called Quickdraw Dandywarrior. The deck is based around the use of Quickdraw Synchron, Dandylion, Drill warrior and other cards to recycle dandylion and synchro summon monsters like crazy.

Konami's take on the deck: Here

How to make a good Yu-Gi-Oh Deck.

Hello. My Name is Kyle. And ive been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for many years. I wanted to make a blog to help you, whether you're a new player or a veteran, get some information on how to make a good Yu-Gi-Oh! deck to play. I will tell you the fundamentals necessary to making sure your deck can compete with the best. Here is a list of steps (and tips) you should take to become a Yu-Gi-Oh! Master!

Step one: What do you want?
Yes thats right. The first step is one of the most obvious. Before you even think of making the deck, what do you want your deck to do? Do you want your deck to beat your opponent with powerful monsters? Do you want to play some spells that deal effect damage and just sit back while your opponent suffers? Or how about controlling your opponent slowly and countering his every move?

Well let me tell you right now. The best decks that win tournaments can beat ALL of them. For your deck to be the best, you need to be able to beat anything that decks throw at you.

I dont mean that the best decks are super powerful. I mean that the professionals have designed their 40-card deck with so much in mind with every card.

Lets take an example deck thats winning Tournaments right now. Called Machina gadgets.
Machina gadgets uses the control aspect of gadgets, with the searchability of machina gearframe, and the brute force of its boss monster, Machina Fortress.

here is a link to a typical deck: Here

Im using this example because it is a perfect example of a deck that has next to NO weaknesses. If you focus on the strengths of your deck too much, you will lose sight of its weaknesses and thats what your opponent will use to beat you over and over, and over.

Step two: The basic "staples"

Before you decide what kind of monsters you want to use, its best to understand the staples of most decks that win.

Staples basically means the spells and traps that work in most decks and have extremely good effects.

An example of a staple would be brain control. If you dont know what that card does, you pay 800 life points to take control of a face-up monster your opponent controls until the end of the turn.

But why is this card a "staple"? I'll tell you:
- It only needs 800 life points.
- You take control of your monster and can attack with it. Not only have you rid their field of their monster, you can attack with it and use its effect for yourself.

Thats it, thats exactly why its a staple. If you dont use staples, you are putting yourself at an extremely big disadvantage. So i suggest you use about 10.

Step 3: The Archetype you wish to use.

An archetype is a collection of monsters that either share a name, type, attribute, etc.
Gone are the days where you can get a bunch of random high attack power monsters and run down your opponent. You wont last long if you do this.

As stated above, an example of an archetype is "machina". Each machina monster has "machina" in its card name. Usually they can interact and synergize with eachother. But in the video in step one, he also uses monsters that work with the main goal of the deck. An example of that in his deck would be "Cyber dragon", an easy to summon but powerful monster.

With this combination, your deck will be much better already.

And the final, and one of the most important steps: Knowing how to use your deck.

"Its one thing having a good deck, but knowing how it works and how to apply it is what seperates the good from the noob." - Jesus

If you dont know how to apply the cards in your deck, then people will enjoy beating you over and over again.

Heres an example starting hand of cards:
Brain Control
Smashing Ground
Dimensional Prison
Starlight Road
Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
Red Gadget

And lets say that your opponent has a 1600 attack monster on the field with no spell or traps set.

Now here are your options:
1. You can set ryko and set starlight road and Dimensional prison.
2. Summon red gadget and set starlight road and Dimensional prison.
3. Use brain control on his monster then summon red gadget, then attack with both.

While they all look like good options. The best option would be the first one. Why? Because in setting ryko, your opponent will get his monster destroyed when he attacks it. And if he had summoned a second monster, then your dimensional prison will be waiting for him.

But why not the other 2 options? The 2nd option will leave your monster easy to be destroyed unlike a face down Ryko. the 3rd option will deal the most possible damage. But your opponent will get his monster back and most like regain control of the game.

As you can see, knowing how to plan and use each card effectively can mean the difference between Winning epically and losing disgustingly.

With these 4 steps in mind, you can make a deck that you feel confident about. You can watch as you counter your opponents moves, beat their monsters senseless, and maintain complete control over the game at all times.