Sunday, 20 June 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Herald of Perfection

Sorry its been a while. but heres the next review.

In the last 3 booster sets, Konami has given us a decent amount of Ritual support and the newest addition is the Herald of Perfection.

If it could negate summons too, then it would be perfection.

Like all ritual monsters, this one can only be summoned by its own ritual spell card Dawn of the Herald. To summon it this way, you must tribute monsters from your field or hand whos levels equal Exactly 6. This might sound tricky to do consistently, but its effect really does make up for it.

Whenever your opponent activates a spell, trap or monster effect. You can send one fairy type monster from your hand to the graveyard to negate and destroy that card!

Now with 2800 defence, this monster is better suited in defence mode to serve as a inpenetrable wall. And with its effect, your opponent will have trouble getting a monster with high enough attack on the field to get rid of it.
With cards like Beckoning light, dark factory of mass production ,archlord kristya and the ritual spell card itself, maintaining a hand full of fairies to discard is easier than it sounds. This means your opponent has to use many useful cards in his hand until you run out of fairies.
Its effect also means that your opponent will be powerless against the other monsters you summon. While Herald of Perfection is on the field, your other monsters can attack while Herald negates the traps your opponent attemps to use.

This card has become its own tier 1 deck in the current meta. Its strategy involves the use of Manju of the ten thousand hands, Senju of the thousand hands and Sonic bird as well as Preperation of Rites and Advanced Ritual Art to facilitate its summon as quick as possible. Some variants also use Royal decree so that you only need to worry about discarding for monster effects and spells.

So if you like the idea of a competitive ritual monster which negates pretty much anything, give Herald of Perfection a try this meta!

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