Thursday, 10 June 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Junk Destroyer

Hey once again. Today im going to review a recent love of mine, Junk destroyer.

Ive always been intrigued with the Junk monsters, and this card is a welcome and competitive addition to the family. If the archetype was an actual family, this would be the big daddy.

I think he wants a hug...

It has 2600 Attack power and 2500 defence, which is not too shabby for what it is. It requires Junk synchron (Or Quickdraw Synchron) as the tuner and 1 or more non-tuner monsters. But its effect means if you use more than 1 non-tuner, you'll be rewarded for it.

When its synchro summoned, you can destroy a number of your opponents cards up to the number of non-tuner monsters used for the synchro summon of this card!
Incase anyone reading this has not noticed yet, thats a potential of up to 4 cards you can destroy, whether you want to blow up your opponents back row, or his swarm of blackwings, or a bit of both.

This card is incredible. Since you're opponent will only have a few cards on the field, you can usually clear it and attack for a painful 2600 points.

There are lots of combos that can be done with this card. Here's my favourite:
You could synchro this card using a Junk synchron/Quickdraw synchron + 3 tuningwares. you get to destroy 3 cards and draw 3!. Thats a net advantage of +6 in total!
And whats more amazing, is that you can play de-synchro and +6 again! And with machine duplication, foolish burial and reinforcement of the army in your deck too, you can use this combo consistently nearly every game!

Now this card does have some drawbacks, while not on the card text itself, is worth considering while using this card:

- Its 2600 atk is quite easy to get over. but you should blow up the higher attack monsters with this effect when its summoned.
- After its effect has been used, its essentially a normal monster after that.
- When you clear the field, your opponent might have a gorz in hand, which has 100 attack more than junk destroyer and can get over it next turn.
- STARLIGHT ROAD. This card is easy to negate with it. Fortunately if you only destroy one card using its effect, starlight road cant be activated.

And there you have it, its mean, its new, it blows stuff up. What more can you want?

Conclusion? If you're running junk synchron or quickdraw, you should put at least one of these in your extra deck!

Nuff said!

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