Friday, 11 June 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Synchron Explorer

With the release of the Starter Deck: Duelist Toolbox in the week or two, there has been a few noticable new cards that had been added. One of them is Junk Destroyer, a huge destructive beatstick that can clear your opponents field (If you want to read more, you should read my review about it).

But another, not so popular card has been welcomed by players called Synchron Explorer. This card is what many Junk and quickdraw decks are placing into their decks and they are seeing better results instantly.

Incase you didn't realise, the tuner monster comes out of its belly.

This card might not have the Attack power to destroy anything, but its level and its effect is what makes it unique and powerful.

When this card is normal summoned, you can special summon from your graveyard a monster that includes "Synchron" in its name. But its effect is negated.

Now how many monsters can you think of that have Synchron in their name? A few at least. But heres the great part: All the cards you can summon with this card are Tuners. When you summon this card, you get your tuner monster with this cards effect, and now you have the components to synchro summon. But what can this card special summon and eventually synchro into?

Junk synchron ---> Junk warrior
Quickdraw synchron ---> Nitro warrior
Drill synchron ---> Any level 5 synchro monster
Road synchron ---> Any level 6 synchro monster (of if you had a level 2 monster on the field already, then Road Warrior.)
Nitro synchron ---> Armory Arm
Hyper synchron ---> Any level 6 synchro monster

While there are other cards Synchron Explorer can summon, these are the best ones. But the synchro monsters summoned by this card only required you to normal summon Synchro explorer. And you dont need to worry about trap hole, bottomless trap hole or any similar traps because it has 0 attack points!

This card is also useful because players use a synchron monster to synchro summon, then it goes to the graveyard, rarely ever to be used again that game. Well this card lets you bring it back with no cost. Its practically a reverse Junk synchron!

So if you use any synchron monsters, love to synchro summon with just 1 card, or if you just like shiny cards. Then Synchron Explorer is the card for you!

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