Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Field Spell Zone, How useful is it?

I have decided to talk about, possibly, the least used zone on the field. The reason i want to talk about it is because it is extremely underrated. Many decks revolve around a field spell but tier 1 decks do not. But why is that?

Field spells have the amazing ability to be placed on the field and affect both players simultaneously. Because of that it can sometimes be considered more powerful than most normal and continuous spells. Some of their effects can completely devastating while some are easy to play around. Lets have a look at some of the better field spells.

Black Garden: With the power to cut your opponents summoned monsters in half, while giving you tokens, its a useful field spell for plant players. A few plant type monsters benefit when your opponent has plant types on the field, and they get extra attacks or other effects. This card also allows you to summon Black Rose Dragon from your graveyard (as long as you use 3 tokens for it).

Necrovalley: Gravekeepers have had their archetype reborn with additional cards in the Absolute Powerforce booster set. Necrovalley has to be on the field for some of their effects to work, as well as some of their support cards (Like Royal Tribute, one of the main reasons to play gravekeepers). And with the ability to stop graveyard shenanigans, its a powerful field spell this format, and in many formats to come.

Skyscraper: While not as popular, it takes the weak elemental heroes and turns them into 2000+ attack when attacking. This can take down many high beaters your opponent summons. There is also Skyscraper 2 - Hero City, which lets the cards controller special summon a level 4 or lower elemental hero from your graveyard that has been destroyed in battle previously. This lets you swarm Elemental Hero Stratos everytime its destroyed, and keep adding cards to your hand.

Geartown: If not, the BEST field spell currently avaliable. Currently being used in a the Machina Geartown variant, its effect lets you special summon huge monsters extremely easy, allowing for a quick swarm. The best part of all, its special summoning happens when its destroyed. so your opponent better think before using his heavy storm.

Now, apart from Geartown, field spells are prone to destruction more than your average trap card. Its vulnerable to cards that destroy face up cards (e.g. Twister) as well as your average spell/trap destroyers, like Heavy storm. And when the cards gone, the effect is no longer there, which means the deck that relies on that field spell is now in trouble. With many decks this format wanting to be as fast as possible, they pack many cards that destroy spells and traps. So they do not have to deal with them when attacking. Thankfully, there are cards that can protect your field spells. The rarely used Field Barrier protects your field spell while its on the field, but you would need to have it while your field spell is on the field, otherwise its a dead card.

Another card thats recently been released in the Shonen jump magazine is Malefic Stardust Dragon. Its effect lets you special summon it from your hand by removing a Stardust Dragon from your extra deck from play. But what makes it better than the other Malefic monsters is that it comes with its own ability, which is that field spells cannot be destroyed by card effects! With Malefic Stardust Dragon on the field, as well as your field spell, you are in a great position.

So you see. Field spells might be tough to keep on the field, but more and more support is being released, as well as more field spells to use. So why not try one today?

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