Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Ronintoadin

Frogs have been given one of the most notable additions in The Shining Darkness. Since its release it has pushed them over the edge and made them tier 1. The card i am talking about of course is Ronintoadin!

Now its effect is extremely useful. On its own, its useless. But combined with the capabilities of the other frogs, its banworthy. You can remove one frog monster to special summon it from the graveyard, but it cannot be used as synchro material. And while its face up on the field, its treated as "des frog"

With 2000 Def, this card serves as a decent wall which can special summon itself when destroyed. That makes it better than you're average high defence wall!

Lets break its effect down. You can use its effect as many times as you want per turn. That means cards that tribute monsters for something benefits from this card. And thats exactly what frog players have done. Frog FTK involves dumping 20 monsters to the graveyard via Swap Frog and Substitoad, then using mass driver to tribute Ronintoadin 20 times to deal 8000 damage!

Also, since it is treated as Des frog while on the field, it can be used in conjunction with the real des frog, as well as dupe frog (Which is also treated as des frog) with the spell card des croaking to blow up your opponents entire field.

And even though it cannot be used as a synchro material, it has been used in Frog monarchs. By using Ronintoadin and treeborn frog, you can easy provide the fodder to tribute summon a monarch each turn! (as long as you keep drawing monarchs, of course).

Both of these decks have proven to be as competitive and as strong as the best decks of this format, and all because of Ronintoadin.

Expect this card to be limited or banned come september, and with most of the cards easy to get (most of them are common or rare), theres no excuse to try frogs out right now!

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  1. I hope frogs dont get hit by the september bannned list