Saturday, 12 June 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Wattgiraffe

Today i've decided to review a cool card from a brand new archetype from the shining darkness. The watt archetype is a set of thunder type monsters with some pretty nice effects. So i present to you, Wattgiraffe!

It stomps down your opponents life points. What more could you want?

For a level 4, this cards stats (1200 attack and 100 defence) are quite lacking, but its effect makes up for it. Firstly, this card can attack directly. And at 1200 damage each attack, your opponents will want to do something about it as quick as possible.

Next, after Wattgiraffe deals the damage, your opponent cannot activate spells, traps, spell/trap effects (like royal oppression) or monster effects until their turn. That means you can attack with this card, then in your main phase 2, you can use any cards without fear (Heavy storm his potential starlight road anyone?).

Now, if you feel like 1200 attack points is easy to deal with, then Watt players have Wattcube, an equip spell that you can equip to a thunder type monster and boosts the equipped monster by 100 attack points for each thunder type in the graveyard. Or you can send wattcube to the graveyard from the field to increase the attack of one thunder monster on your field by 1000atk until the monster leaves the field.

With Wattcube used on wattgiraffe, you have got yourself a 2200 attack direct attacker with only two cards! And thats with only one wattcube. If you use 3 wattcubes, thats 4200 attack points! Thats enough to beat your opponent in only 2 turns!

In conclusion, if you like the idea of a potentially powerful direct attacker that shuts down your opponent, then Wattgiraffe is for you!

Look out for the other Watt monsters in The Shining Darkness, Wattwoodpecker and Wattfox. And if they caught your interest too, then watch out for the next set of Watt cards in The Duelist Revolution and Starstrike Blast sets!

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