Thursday, 10 June 2010

How to make a good Yu-Gi-Oh Deck.

Hello. My Name is Kyle. And ive been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for many years. I wanted to make a blog to help you, whether you're a new player or a veteran, get some information on how to make a good Yu-Gi-Oh! deck to play. I will tell you the fundamentals necessary to making sure your deck can compete with the best. Here is a list of steps (and tips) you should take to become a Yu-Gi-Oh! Master!

Step one: What do you want?
Yes thats right. The first step is one of the most obvious. Before you even think of making the deck, what do you want your deck to do? Do you want your deck to beat your opponent with powerful monsters? Do you want to play some spells that deal effect damage and just sit back while your opponent suffers? Or how about controlling your opponent slowly and countering his every move?

Well let me tell you right now. The best decks that win tournaments can beat ALL of them. For your deck to be the best, you need to be able to beat anything that decks throw at you.

I dont mean that the best decks are super powerful. I mean that the professionals have designed their 40-card deck with so much in mind with every card.

Lets take an example deck thats winning Tournaments right now. Called Machina gadgets.
Machina gadgets uses the control aspect of gadgets, with the searchability of machina gearframe, and the brute force of its boss monster, Machina Fortress.

here is a link to a typical deck: Here

Im using this example because it is a perfect example of a deck that has next to NO weaknesses. If you focus on the strengths of your deck too much, you will lose sight of its weaknesses and thats what your opponent will use to beat you over and over, and over.

Step two: The basic "staples"

Before you decide what kind of monsters you want to use, its best to understand the staples of most decks that win.

Staples basically means the spells and traps that work in most decks and have extremely good effects.

An example of a staple would be brain control. If you dont know what that card does, you pay 800 life points to take control of a face-up monster your opponent controls until the end of the turn.

But why is this card a "staple"? I'll tell you:
- It only needs 800 life points.
- You take control of your monster and can attack with it. Not only have you rid their field of their monster, you can attack with it and use its effect for yourself.

Thats it, thats exactly why its a staple. If you dont use staples, you are putting yourself at an extremely big disadvantage. So i suggest you use about 10.

Step 3: The Archetype you wish to use.

An archetype is a collection of monsters that either share a name, type, attribute, etc.
Gone are the days where you can get a bunch of random high attack power monsters and run down your opponent. You wont last long if you do this.

As stated above, an example of an archetype is "machina". Each machina monster has "machina" in its card name. Usually they can interact and synergize with eachother. But in the video in step one, he also uses monsters that work with the main goal of the deck. An example of that in his deck would be "Cyber dragon", an easy to summon but powerful monster.

With this combination, your deck will be much better already.

And the final, and one of the most important steps: Knowing how to use your deck.

"Its one thing having a good deck, but knowing how it works and how to apply it is what seperates the good from the noob." - Jesus

If you dont know how to apply the cards in your deck, then people will enjoy beating you over and over again.

Heres an example starting hand of cards:
Brain Control
Smashing Ground
Dimensional Prison
Starlight Road
Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
Red Gadget

And lets say that your opponent has a 1600 attack monster on the field with no spell or traps set.

Now here are your options:
1. You can set ryko and set starlight road and Dimensional prison.
2. Summon red gadget and set starlight road and Dimensional prison.
3. Use brain control on his monster then summon red gadget, then attack with both.

While they all look like good options. The best option would be the first one. Why? Because in setting ryko, your opponent will get his monster destroyed when he attacks it. And if he had summoned a second monster, then your dimensional prison will be waiting for him.

But why not the other 2 options? The 2nd option will leave your monster easy to be destroyed unlike a face down Ryko. the 3rd option will deal the most possible damage. But your opponent will get his monster back and most like regain control of the game.

As you can see, knowing how to plan and use each card effectively can mean the difference between Winning epically and losing disgustingly.

With these 4 steps in mind, you can make a deck that you feel confident about. You can watch as you counter your opponents moves, beat their monsters senseless, and maintain complete control over the game at all times.


  1. Well to say machina geArs are good but to keep some burn control def the ultimate is a machina reactor deck. 4 a deck list go to and private message me if u got a account my name is akalokoloko

    1. Look me in my face I aint got no worries