Thursday, 10 June 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Dandylion

Hey. This is going to be my first card review. with hopefully many more to come. I want to share my experiences with cards that ive used and cards that i feel i should share my two cents about. Now some of you might not agree with what i say about the card i review, or have an interesting story about it. I'd love to hear it! If i can say how i feel about a card, then im sure you can too.

Now lets get started. With the release of ABPF special edition a few months ago, and the recent ban list updated in march. We have dandylion, a newly semi-limited cute flower-lion thing with 300 attack and 300 defence. Its effect is whenever it is sent to the graveyard, it gives you a couple of "fluff tokens" (how cute!) in defence position. But these two tokens cannot be used for a tribute summon that turn.

Dandylion's got attitude!

Now let me tell you why its good. Dandylion effect can trigger when its sent to the graveyard in ANY way. Whether it be by discarding from your hard, being destroyed by battle, or the most popular way, sent from your deck. And heres another great part, its effect is MANDATORY. You dont get the choice to summon the tokens, its effect triggers by itself. that means just like Wulf, it cannot miss the timing.
And when you get the tokens, you cant tribute them. BUT you can send them for a synchro summon. This means another 1 or two levels onto any monster you wish to synchro summon.

A good monster to use this card with is Quickdraw Synchron. Use its effect to send DandyLion to the graveyard, special summon itself and the two tokens, and now you have a selection of monsters you can synchro into:

- Nitro warrior, for getting over high attack monsters
- Turbo warrior, for taking down other synchro monsters
- Drill warrior (See jeff jones deck down below)

and with the recent release of Junk destroyer (Which i will do a review on), the tokens will help contribute towards that, and net field advantage at the same time.

Simply put, if you send cards to your graveyard a lot and you like to synchro, im sure theres room for one or two of these cute flower-things in your deck.

Its recent shine in the spotlight has come from a new deck made by a many time shonen jump winner Jeff Jones, called Quickdraw Dandywarrior. The deck is based around the use of Quickdraw Synchron, Dandylion, Drill warrior and other cards to recycle dandylion and synchro summon monsters like crazy.

Konami's take on the deck: Here

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