Friday, 13 August 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Pot of Duality

With a new set of cards, comes a bunch of fun new reviews!

The duelist revolution is the latest set, and by far the most hyped and discussed card in the set is the Pot of Duality

Pot of Greed and Pot of Generosity in one card!

Its effect is simple, balanced and generally quite useful regardless of what deck you play. You reveal the top 3 cards from your deck to you and your opponent, then you select one and add it to your hand. Then send the other 2 back into your deck and shuffle it.

Now on the outside, it seems like a fair 1-for-1 (you trade in this card for another), but it goes much deeper than that. Being able to dig 3 cards deep in your deck means that pot of duality becomes a card that you want right this second from your deck, and not 1,2 or 3 turns later.

That alone is why its so good. It takes some of the luck out of the deck, makes it more consistent (meaning you pull off the same combos more often) and there is no discard cost or a life point cost either!

BUT, all powerful cards needs a drawback, and to some decks, its a very harsh one. the turn you activate Pot of Duality, you cannot special summon OR activate another pot of duality. that drawback means it might not fit in EVERY deck, like Infernities which special summon many times within a couple of turns.

So there you have it. This card is a perfect example of balanced draw power, and its guaranteed to make your deck better!

Right now Pot of Duality is worth about £60 ($100) so if you want a playset for your deck, be prepared to fish out at least £150 ($250) for them.


  1. it is not that good.i mean you can have two cards with pot of greed and in your next turn you draw the third card.with duality you can only have one of them.think clever you guys

  2. plus your opponent gets to see the cards.that is something you dont want to happen

  3. 1. Pot of Greed is banned.
    2. The trade off is that you get a card you want, and they get to see it. That sounds like a decent trade to me.

  4. Damn Konami Banning Pot Of Greed And Graceful Charity To Keep This Damn Cards Value At $150.00

  5. No they banned it because in todays meta they would be soooooooooooo over powered.

  6. I miss pot of greed. Whole days frolicking in the sun smelling the roses..... oh no wait that was me and the Inexperienced Spy. Oh my god I need to make sure he's not on the ban list. Doesn't seem likely but I can't let them take my buddy.