Monday, 7 March 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Vylon Disigma

Wow. It's almost been a week since i last posted. I apologise to all my readers who come on a daily basis, i had a busy weekend.

Anyway, in the distant future, we will have Exceed monsters. They are quite honestly, a walk in the park to summon on most occasions. I would go over how they are summoned, but just search exceed summon on google and you will get a clear explanation.

Today's Review is the only half-decent Exceed monster ive seen so far. Yuma's ace synchro is far from good, but this one is actually playable. Some say its the new Goyo Guardian, but thats far from the truth.

Introducing: Vylon Disigma


This Fairy type is a Rank 4 and requires 3 level 4 monsters to summon it. That is incredibly easy to accomplish. I'm talking Wulf, Lightsworn beast, Batteryman AAA (Or as Kevin Tewart calls it, Batteryman Dance party), Or any level 4 machine type with less than 500 attack and machine duplication.

It's got 2500 attack, which seems standard for a beater these days. Machina fortress, Stardust dragon and Legendary Six Samurai - Shi en are good examples of why 2500 is the magical number. It's got 2100 defence, which isnt too bad if you need to go on the defensive. With this monsters effect, thats not a bad idea at all:

Once per turn, you can remove 1 of this card's exceed materials (You should have 3 under disigma when its summoned) to select one face-up attack position monster your opponent controls and equip it to this card. When this card battles, if the opposing monster has an attribute that matches the attribute of a monster equiped to Disigma, then you can destroy that monster at the start of the damage step.

Wow. This is Goyo Guardian and Catastor's Child, and He's proof that evolution really does pay off. Upon summon, this card is a -2 (you need 3 monsters to summon it, and 1 monster goes in their place) but every time you use its goyo effect, you +2 (You get a monster, they lose that monster). Thats impressive.

So if you nab their DARK monster and attack their DARK monster, their monster is immediately destroyed. So even if that mediocre 2500 attack can't get over their beatstick, the effect should take care of them.

While thats all good, there are 2 problems i can see with this card:
- The monsters are equipped: That does NOT mean the same as overlaid. The equipped monster will reside in your spell and trap card zone, so you cannot use them for the goyo effect. You cannot attack with those monsters or use their effects either. If you take their Shi en, you cannot negate spells and traps. But if you could, this card would be absolutely outright broken.
- You cant take their face down cards. Which is good, but that means cards like Ryko completely destroy it.

This card works really well against decks that rely on one attribute, like Blackwings, but not Six Samurai, which is a shame. But if you manage to nab 2-3 monsters of different attributes, then your opponent will find it hard to take Disigma down, and the monster reborn in their hand is sitting there with nothing to resurrect.

This card should be released in Hidden arsenal 6 (I think. By my logic, Hidden arsenal 5 will have Duel terminals 9 and 10, so Hidden arsenal 6 should have 11 and 12), which will probably come out around this time next year (SADFACE :( ). Nevermind eh? At least there is something to look forward to in all of this ZEXAL bull****.


  1. You talk about Blackwings & Six Sams, but this monster is a serious pain Vs. scraps & X-Sabers too. (they all focus on Earth-attributes).
    Downside is... 3 level 4 monsters on the field? What decks are gonna run this card? Vylon decks, yeah... perhaps gadget decks that combine with ultimate offering, but other than that...?

  2. While i respect your opinion, i dont think that's right.

    Every deck plays level 4s, fact. It's easy to get multiple on the field and there are ways to do it quickly too. And for that, this card can be splashed into any extra deck with ease.

    Plus, revival cards exist in our meta, so they help too.

  3. there are currently 0 lv 4 monsters in my deck, just saying

  4. It would help what your deck is. Post it or something.

  5. well i looked up the entire starter deck and its okay, but i say if fused with the right cards they could be competitive as well

  6. i am making a vylon deck and this card says awesome in it. True i may have trouble summoning it but what do we have mist body shining angel and nova summoner all x3 in our decks?:P+with an imperial decree this would be entirely awesome...

  7. Vylon Pentacro + Machine duplication

    Job done.

  8. What about combination Gozen Match and Vylon Disigma? you could cut a Six Samuri deck down to a decent size. Plus Disigma can takeout 3 different attributes by itself...

  9. can you please post a vylon deck that could shift build while on battle either on vylon sigma or desigma is it possible?