Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Naturia Exterio

Good day, chaps. Yesterday was spirit reaper, and now i want to review more cards from the next Hidden Arsenal, which if you don't know, is coming out mid april. Everyone is looking forward to the Advent of Trishula, which we all know is going to become a herpderp card for everyone. But apart from her, there are other very useful and interesting cards coming out in that set too, so you still have some good cards if you happen to buy a box and not pull the cover card.

One of those cards is Naturia Exterio.

A better Heraklinos.

Here we have a fusion monster that requires two synchro materials to summon it, a Naturia Beast and a Naturia Barkion. It hits the field with a decent 2800 Attack (But could be a little better since its level 10). It's effect is where its at though.

Whenever your opponent activates a spell or trap card, you can remove from play a card in your graveyard then send a card from the top of your deck to the graveyard to negate the spell/trap and destroy it.

So there we go, 2/3 of your opponent's deck is now obselete and they will have to use brute force to take Exterio down. Monster effects are becoming more broken by the minute, but there are few monster effects that can get exterio off the field (There is stupid **** like Judgment dragon, but thats archetype specific so it doesn't really count, right?). And if it gets destroyed, then you can just use monster reborn or call of the haunted to bring it back.

The big problem is bringing it out. There are many ways to ease the summoning of this monster but its still a lot of hassle. The 2 Easiest ways i can think of are these two:

- Naturia Cherries: Let it get destroyed and special summon 2 more. Next turn, summon a level 4 EARTH monster (Gadget or something), tune for Naturia beast then use the other Cherry to synchro into Barkion with your Beast
- Glow-Up Bulb: To do this, you need to already have a level 4 EARTH type on the field. Summon Glow-Up Bulb, Synchro into beast, Special summon Glow up bulb with it's effect and synchro it with Beast into Barkion.

With both methods, you now have a Barkion on your field and a Beast in your grave. Then use Miracle Synchro Fusion to fuse them together into Exterio. Either method only costs you 3 cards. See? That doesn't seem too difficult at all. You can combine both methods listed above into one consistent deck (It's the only deck i can think of where you can run more than one Glow-Up Bulb and people won't laugh at you).

So there we have it: It's Big, It's Beast and Barkion in one, and the card itself is FREAKIN' PURPLE.

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