Thursday, 17 March 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Malefic Cyber End Dragon

Hey people. For today i want to review a Malefic card. It's arguably the best malefic card made, definitely in my opinion anyway.

Bring on Malefic Cyber End Dragon!!!

Zane would be too good if he had this...

This 4000 attack beatstick follows suit with all of his evil friends. It cannot be normal summoned or set and it cannot be special summoned except by sending its good half (in this case, a normal cyber end dragon) from your extra deck to the graveyard. There can only be one Malefic on the field at once and other monsters you control cannot attack. Also, if there is no field spell on the field, destroy this card.

That's alot of nonsense on a card. But if you run field spells, you can now run a powerhouse that can be special summoned when you need it. 4000 attack is a rediculous amount of attack power. Combine it with limiter removal and that's game.

It's so powerful that you will rarely ever have a reason to put it into defence position. It's mighty attack allows it to be chained onto Deck Devastation Virus to wipe your opponent's hand clear of weak monsters. But why are Malefic monsters getting good?

Simply, its the power of the newly unlimited Skill Drain. It allows you to negate the effects of all the monsters on the field. For Malefic monsters, that means:

- You don't need a field spell on the field to keep it alive.
- You can summon multiple Malefic monsters at once, and you can summon yours in a mirror match if your opponent has a Malefic on the field
- Best of all, you can attack with all of your Malefic monsters, and all of your non-malefic monsters!

This card is the best because you have to send Cyber End Dragon from your Extra Deck to the Graveyard. That means that you dont need to put unnecessary monsters in your main deck to bring this beast out. It also has Attack points on par with Malefic Rainbow Dragon, but you need to run a Rainbow Dragon in your deck to use that.

I hope to see someone take a Malefic deck to the top in YCS Charlotte, because they really are a force to be reckoned with!


  1. Hi, i got to say great post, as i'm new to this site, but one thing i have to say is.... Malefic Cyber end dragon needs to Remove the Cyber end dragon From play, Not the gave yard. Other than that, great post's. :)

  2. Ah, ok, crap i made another mistake in my first post at the top lol, it says from the extra deck, then remove it From play, as it never goes to the grave yard,lol. Suck's to be me, but that is what learning is for, lol.

  3. Um...there is one HUGE error in your blog.

    I play a Malefic Drain deck in real life so that's why I know so much on them (and why it works so well with a little Meklord). Anyway, the issue here is over Skill Drain.

    Skill Drain will:
    -Negate the effect that prevents other monster's from attacking.
    -Negate the effect that destroys a malefic monster if there is no field spell card face up.

    HOWEVER, skill drain will not allow you to summon more than 1 malefic monsters. This is because skill drain only negates effects on the field. The effect of the malefic monster in the hand will still be active and prevent its summon. The only way to get 2 or more malefic monsters on the field is to SS one like cyber end, then normal summon the tuner to synchro summon from the hand OR through card effects like Book Of Moon. should realize. This is why Malefics aren't very popular. If Skill Drain was able to negate that specific effect, don't you think you would see it more? Wouldn't more people run it and special summon a 4000 atk beater, a 3000 atk beater, and another 4000 atk beater and otk?

    Gotta make sure you know how to work the deck you're running...