Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mara of the Nordic Alfar

It's been confirmed, there is a picture and the effect has surfaced to the public.

It has 1000 attack and 500 defence and is a tuner. It is also level 2.

If this card is used as a synchro material monster, the other materials are two nordic monsters in your hand.

Right. thats a 3 card synchro summon which is quite expensive for a start, and since its level 2, it needs 2 level 4 non-tuner nordic monsters to summon an aesir (The only one you can synchro into is Loki since its an Alfar), and all of the best non-tuner nordic monsters are level 3 and below.

Click here to see the card, and take note that it's an Ultra rare and not a Secret unlike the last exclusive (Vanadis).

Try again Konami, try again.

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