Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Tiki Curse & Tiki Soul

Today im reviewing two cards since they have been designed to work with eachother as well as all cards of that nature. Trap monsters have never really been a scary bunch to face since they didn't possess any effects. They were however, a good away to increase your field presence and get that tribute fodder for a monarch or other tribute monsters. Storm of Ragnarok introduced two new Trap monsters to the game..

Called Tiki Curse & Tiki Soul.

All trap monsters have similar text: Special summon this card and it is treated as an effect monster and it gains stats stated on the card. These two each have a good effect that makes trap monsters so much better.

Lets start with Tiki Curse. While this card is treated as a monster, any other trap monster that battles your opponent's monster, that monster is destroyed after damage calculation. While that ensures you destroy your opponent's monster, you will probably have to destroy your own. This card works well against cards that cannot be destroyed in battle like the newly semi-limited spirit reaper.

The better card is Tiki Soul in my opinion. It hits the field with 1000/1800 (So special summon it in defence mode) and when another trap monster you control is destroyed (battle or effect), you can set the monster back down instead of sending it to the graveyard. This is a good way to keep monsters on the field.

While both are on the field, if your opponent attacks Soul, it destroys itself after attacking. If it attacks Curse, it is reset back on the field.

Now, Tiki soul works very well with Zoma the Spirit. This trap monster allows you to deal damage to your opponent equal to the attack of the monster that destroyed it. Tiki Soul's effect should allow you to reset Zoma the Spirit back on the field after the effect damage has been dealt (If you want to understand the chain, Zoma the Spirit's effect is mandatory while Tiki Soul's effect is optional. Zoma's effect activates first because of this and Tiki soul's effect is chain link 2).

With the addition of these two, trap monster now have more ways to hurt your opponent. since you can special summon multiple at once, it is a fast strategy. If you pull these any time soon, don't be so quick to throw them away!


  1. LOL I Run A Trap Monster deck called Tiki/Tokens, Very Fast Very hurtful

  2. Do you run Imperial Custom?

    Its some good protection for your monsters.

  3. can I use tiki soul and tiki curse for tributting? thank you

  4. Of course. They are treated as monsters and therefore can be used for a tribute summon or a card effect that requires a tribute for its cost/effect.

    Thanks for the comment, bro.

  5. man i have 3 tiki souls, 1 metal refelct slime and 1 tiki 5 , should i include them all in the deck?}it's a typical warriror but i dont knowes where tyo gowith has xyz but i have no more space...left im toping at 40...i really dont know what to do with them should i make,.

    having all those "tikis" rtap/monsters makes it a tiki deck? halp

  6. Metal reflect slimes Yay

    By the way, Metal Reflect Slime X2 = Skypalace gangaridai