Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Token Sundae

Its time for a fun review. Usually i review cards with the intention of raising their awareness or giving tips that the readers might not have noticed before. But todays card, Token Sundae, is purely because it made me LOL when i saw it.

Goblins eating Lamb tokens. Now I've seen everything...

This spell card has a simple effect, but one of those effects that make you think of all the possibilities with this card. You can destroy all your tokens and destroy cards on the field up to the number of tokens destroyed.

Now, tokens are summoned by many card effects. There are some metagame cards that use tokens, like Gorz the emissary of darkness or Dandylion, but i doubt you want to use those tokens for a card like this.

But there are other cards that summon many tokens. Cosmic compass, a monster from Storm of Ragnarok, lets you summon up to 4 tokens depending on the number of monsters your opponent controls. You can use Token Sundae and destroy up to 4 cards on your opponent's field (those monsters), and it only cost you 2 cards.

Other useful cards that summon tokens are Scapegoat (The very same ones in the artwork of this card!) and Phantom Skyblaster, which might see play depending on the rulings of exceed monsters.

But the card is situational. While you can have 20 monsters that summon tokens, sometimes you just wont have them on the field. There might be hope however: You can use 3 Token sundae, 3 Kuriboh, 2-3 Flute of summoning kuriboh and 3 detonate to have a consistent combo that lets you destroy many cards. Add some high attack monsters like Machine emporer wisel (which will be a secret rare in Extreme Victory) and you have a potent win condition that your opponent will have a hard time coming back from.

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