Saturday, 23 April 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Tour Guide From The Underworld

The past few days, a couple of the TCG exclusives for Extreme Victory have been surfacing, one of which was accidental, like this one.

I give you, Tour Guide From The Underworld

One of the best artworks i've seen in a while.

Konami told us about a month ago that they are getting ready for the new exceed summoning which debuts in the TCG in August. They wanted to give the players an easy way to get the requirements to exceed summon (Having two or more monsters of the same level on your field), and this card is proof.

Its got 1000 attack and 600 defence. Thats not really important though, because i doubt you will be using it for attacking.

When this card is normal summoned, you can special summon one level 3 fiend type from your hand or deck. Its effects are negated, and it cant be used as synchro material.

This means that you summon this card, special summon a level 3 fiend, and exceed into a rank 3 monster. Thats the jist of it anyway. However, this card can special summon quite a few interesting monsters, albeit their effects will be negated. The best card i can think of is sangan. You can simply exceed into a rank 3, remove sangan from the exceed monster, and search for any card you want. And it replaces the card you used in your hand in the first place.

This card can also fetch infernity Necromancer. While its effects are negated, its a 2000 wall which when sent to the graveyard, can be brought back with Infernity Launcher for many Shenanigans. Or if you really want to, you can special summon a second copy of tour guide.

But after researching all the possible targets this card can special summon, its actually quite limited. Since it can only special summon a level 3 fiend-type, many good cards dont fit into that catagory.

Well, at least you can attack with the monster you summoned, as well as Tour guide itself.


  1. Great in dark worlds: Summon Broww. Return him to the hand to special Grepha, then use any card to discard Broww.

  2. Forget that, Combo Tour Guide into a Leviar and get back the Banishment cost for Gateway

  3. Bah! You make the card sound bad! If it was bad it wouldn't have been going for 150$!!! This card is mainly used for getting out Wind-up Zenamines (A great defensive wall) or Number 17: Leviathan Dragon. Which can easily get up to 3k attack. The card really wasn't meant for anything BUT Xyz summoning.

    1. Do keep in mind when I wrote this article. :)