Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Dodger Dragon

Hello everyone. I hope you guys, the ones who are students, have had a decent Easter Holidays. I know I haven't. For everyone else, at least the weather is getting better.

Anyway, today's card is a confirmed exclusive from Extreme Victory (Next to Absolute Powerforce, a ridiculous name for a booster set) . Konami have been observing what's going on in YCSs recently, and have seen what cards are predominant in most decks, so one of their answers is Dodger Dragon.

As the name implies, he dodges stuff.

This Dragon has a 1900 attack and 1200 defence. In the past, that Attack and defence have gone together quite often. Off the top of my head i can remember Vorse Raider, Luster Dragon and many more. Its effect however, makes it quite useful in today's meta.

This card's normal summoning cannot be negated. Your opponent cannot activate counter traps on the turn that this card is normal summoned.

This card is a huge middle finger against some of the most common trap cards out there. While cards like Bottomless Trap Hole can destroy it (Since you have to wait for it to be normal summoned, then BTH destroys it after it has been summoned successfully), many players have switched out their 2 copies for Solemn Warning. This card completely stops that and if you wish to summon more that turn, you can without worries. Not only is it good against Warning, its also good against its brother, Solemn Judgement as well as many others. It's a great starting point to the beginning of your turn, and can help you get in some really neat damage with its 1900 attack power.

But this card shines in Hopeless Dragon decks. You can summon this card and shut down their Warnings, then remove it from play to summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and from there, you can summon whatever dragons you want from your hand and your opponent cannot do a thing about it. Even if you attack directly, their useless card on the field means that they can't summon Gorz.

This card however, only gets its effect when its normal summoned. While that's not a big deal in some decks, it slows down the deck it's in unless you have the resources to swarm the field using other cards. Topdecking this card is not too bad, but you would have preferred something that could possibly bait their Warning/Judgement and make them waste their life points late game. Its also a WIND type, which does not do it many favours compared to if it was a DARK or LIGHT. And after the turn this card has been summoned, its a sitting duck which does nothing else for you (Unlike Thunder King Rai-Oh), but so does Trap Stun, and many people run that.

Its going to be a Super Rare in Extreme Victory, so at least its not too hard to pull. I would have felt cheated if it was a higher rarity than that, though.


  1. Nice Review Kyle.

    I'm glad to hear its going to be a Super Rare.

    How could you tell it was going to be Super Rare by the way?

  2. The picture has no silver rare name, therefore it must be a super rare because there are no TCG exclusives that are lower than a rare at this point in time.