Friday, 22 April 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Scrap Kong

It's Friday again. I think all this Rebecca Black hate is starting to go now. Which is good, because the only thing i care about in life is Trading Cards.

Next up for review is Scrap Kong

Scrap Kong has a powerful 2000 ATK and 1000 DEF. Like all its brethren, its an EARTH attribute and even though its comprised of random bits of machinery from a scrapyard, its a Beast type. Anyway, this card has a meh effect.

When this card is Normal Summoned, Destroy it. When this card is destroyed by the effect of a Scrap monster (including itself) and sent to the graveyard, you can return a scrap monster (Other than Scrap Kong) from your graveyard to your hand.

So, Normal summoning it means you can get whatever you want back to your hand. Usually you will want to be returning a Scrap Chimera or Scrap Breaker, but i'm not stopping you if you want to bring back anything else. This effect only applies when its normal summoned though, so special summoning it with Scrap Dragon's effect or Scrap Lube (That name is still funny) will not destroy it.

However, this card works incredibly well with the Meklords. To my Knowledge, Skiel is coming out in Extreme Victory, Wisel is out sometime soon, and Grannel is for whoever wins a nationals in the coming months. Any Meklord works well with Scraps and Scrap kong is a quick way to get a Meklord onto the field without losing advantage. From there, you can steal your opponent's synchros.

So, while this card does not really have a spot in scrap decks right now, it will once we get the Meklords.

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