Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Booster boxes

Recently, i've been considoring getting a booster box. I don't want to waste my money (Who doesn't?) and yu-gi-oh is got to be one of the biggest money sinks in my life. The amount of times i've invested into a box only to pull crap and untradable rares. So even though i made about 3/4 of my money back with the pulls, its always theoretical money. However, there's a few places i've found cheap booster boxes:

  • Crossroads of chaos: Over the last few months, the price of a CSOC box has halved in price. On amazon its around £30 (With free shipping). The set still boasts an assortment of really good cards. An ultra plaguespreader values at least £10 and a Black rose dragon is still good tradebait. When i bought one i split it with a friend so i paid £15 for 12 packs. While he pulled an overdrive teleporter, i got a Tytannial, Princess of Camellias. From one card, i made my money back, and everything else i pulled from those 12 packs was a pure bonus.
  • Duelist revolution: This is the money set. Pot of duality and Solemn warning are both expensive as hell right now regardless of which side of the atlantic you reside in. Booster boxes are at least $100. But KoolKingdom are selling DREV boxes for £75 and £100. The £75 ones have their wrapping missing, but from my past experience, KoolKingdom is a website you can trust. Its where i get my singles ;)
  • Ebay are selling Crimson Crisis boxes for around £33 now. It has some useless cards like the assault mode monsters, but it also has arcanite magician, which is so good!

There are many more cheap boxes out there. And a box is very difficult to be scaled, so you know what you're getting.

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