Friday, 15 April 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Naturia Landoise

Its friday (FUN FUN FUN FUN!) and its only a few days left until Hidden Arsenal 4 is released to the public. There are already some box openings on youtube and some people have been lucky enough to pull multiple Trishulas per box.

Anyway, the last HA4 card i will review is Naturia Landoise

Torterra from Pokémon, anyone?

This level 7 rock-type synchro monster has 2350 attack and 1600 defence. That's actually really bad, since the standard attack for a level 6-7 is around 2400-2800 attack, and this card just misses that crucial bracket. It requires an Earth tuner and one or more Earth non-tuners, which is not too difficult to accomplish, but its a little harder to make than Beast and Barkion. The effect will get better with age, but as of now, its lacking:

Which this card is face up, when your opponent activates an effect monster's effect, you can send one spell card from your hand to the graveyard to negate the effect and destroy the monster.

So, if the effect goes off, its a one-for-one. As the game becomes more effect monster orientated, this card has so many chances to make use of its effect. While its 2350 attack means monarchs and other such beaters can get over it, it can negate the monarch's effect and destroy it, or you can Bottomless a Shi en and you can use this card's effect to make sure it goes through (But its still a -1).

However, unlike its brothers Naturia Beast and Naturia Balkion, its effect is somewhat a difficult choice to use. Beast is great to lockdown opponents (especially their book of moon or forbidden lance) and you get to mill too, which is never a bad thing. Barkion lets you negate traps, which is a big part of our current meta. But with Landoise, you dont +1 no matter how you look at it. The only way to +1 is to negate a Brionac or another monster that has a cost to their effects, but whats stopping your opponent from synchro summoning Gaia Knight instead?

It also has no use when its destroyed unlike the other two. Beast and Balkion can be used to fusion summon Exterio and really lockdown your opponent. If you can get a landoise and an exterio on the field however, then you have created a difficult lockdown for your opponent. Im guessing Konami feels that negating Monster effects is somewhat more important than negating spells or traps, which is true for a lot of decks.

One way that this card might get better is if we suddenly get spell cards that do things when they are discarded. Ojamagic can get you ojamas from your deck to your hand, but now you're deck is really starting to look inconsistent.

Thats about it really. Don't get too excited if you pull this. It's probably going to be chilling in your binder for a LONG time.


  1. ojama landoise. add three ojama, more ways to negate monsters eff. then, protect landoise with spells and traps.

  2. pretty soon, there's going to be spell cards that activates when discarded, just like spell cards acitivates when destroy