Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Naturia Ragweed

In Hidden Arsenal 4, we will be introduced to some more naturia monsters. Even though it is one of the largest archetypes in the game (Next to Worms, which is also a DT archetype), Konami insists that they don't have enough monsters already.

After looking through them, i found one that stood out, called Naturia Ragweed


Right, down to business. Ragweed has an OK 1200 attack and a modest 2000 defence. that 2000 defence is solid enough to protect you for a turn or two. Its effect?

When your opponent activates a card that lets them draw outside the draw phase, you can send this card from the field to your graveyard to draw 2 cards.

Thats some very good draw power. The reason why im reviewing this card is because you don't need to play naturias to play this. It can be placed in any deck, and it can be sided against many meta decks. Here is a list of cards that this card works against in our current meta:

- Allure of darkness: Many DARK decks run this.
- Morphing jar: You will get to draw 7 cards (ROFL) instead of 5
- Archetype specific draw cards like destiny draw, solar recharge, cards for black feathers and Cards from the Sky (When it comes out in the summer)
- Card Trooper: Its at two now, and many decks are running this card for its milling and drawing which you can take advantage of with this card.

The problem is that a lot of decks are no longer using draw power. Searching for the cards that you want from your deck is more beneficial to deal with the current situation. Cards like Reinforcement of the army, Gateway of the six and Sangan let you search, which does not count as drawing, so you would not be able to use ragweed when they do this, which means it could become a useless card on your field

So check this card out when you open your Hidden Arsenal 4 booster box in 2 weeks time. Its probably going to be a super but i wouldn't recommend running more than 1 in your deck (Side the other two against exodia and lightsworns!)


  1. It has to be on the field to send it.

  2. I knew that.....

    (Wow, i really am dopey this week)

  3. Oh well, none the less I don't really like it as chances are your opponent simply won't play a draw spell, run it over, and then use the draw spell.

  4. Well people draw to get to cards in their deck. The incentive to draw at the start of main phase 1 is very tempting for a lot of players.

    On turn 2, if you have this face up, your opponent will need a monster with more than 1200 attack in their starting hand to take it out (provided you're not using protection), if they dont, they will want to draw into a monster that can do that and that is why ragweed is a good card.

    That situation only applies while its in attack mode, you can get it into defence with a naturia pumpkin and block attacks.

    Its not as bad as you think.

  5. Good idea to cover one of the lesser-known cards of HA4. Never knew this was in the series.

    Too bad its effect is not very handy in the current meta. In fact, it's a watered-down version of Appropriate. And that's a card that nobody uses nowadays because most players are using search-cards instead of draw-cards.

    If this card effect would state "adds (a) card(s)" instead of "draws (a) card(s)", this card would've been so much better.

    It does get points for the cute artwork, though :-)