Sunday, 10 April 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Reborn Tengu

Hey readers. With the Extreme Victory Sneak Peek around a month away, its mandatory that I do a review of the Sneak Peek card that comes with the 5 packs you will get when you enter. And guess what, this one is actually good.

Say hello to Reborn Tengu

Mirror force me, I DARE YOU!

This Beast-Warrior type monster is a WIND attribute (boo!) but comes with a respectable 1700 attack and 600 defence. Its effect has been specifically designed by Konami themselves to synergise with the new summon mechanic: Exceed Summoning.

When this card is removed from the field, special summon one "reborn tengu" from your deck.

Right off the bat, this card replaces itself when it leaves the field. If you send it for a synchro summon, you get another one. If you attack into a Mirror force, you get another one and can attack again. If you Tribute summon it for a monarch, that's a potential 4100 points of direct damage right there.

The best part about this card is the fact that its effect is Mandatory. Like Dandylion for example, its effect goes off no matter what, which is why it can potentially be utilised for so many mechanics as stated above. It works with exceed summoning because when you remove it from your exceed monster, it special summons another from the deck. That means you get the exceed monster's effect, and a new 1700 beater to summon more exceed monsters with.

However, this card is best ran in 2s. Like Gravekeeper's spy (Which will work epicly together with this card by the way!), it is horrible to draw more than one in your opening hand since you cant special summon the tengu from your hand, only your deck. So two is the way to go.

This card also gets it's effect when its returned to the hand, so there are many synchro options with cards like Genex Ally Birdman (And Birdman becomes 1900 atk).

A deck that can really abuse this card? The medal has to go to Scraps. Summon a tengu with a scrap beast on the field, Synchro Summon a Scrap Dragon and you get a tengu to use for Scrap dragon's effect (And if you're running 3 tengu, you can get the third one now).

There is really so many combos that you can do with this card. Konami really have outdone themselves this time with this promo card. If you go to the sneak peek in may, make sure you grab a few of these before people realise how good this card is!

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  1. Mist Valleys can Abuse this card a lot more than scraps by returning them to the hand (basically searching for the 3) and using the 3 in the hand as brionac fodder. Then pot of avarice and continue the strategy.