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March 2012 Banlist Discussion Part 3: The Semi-Limited List

Now for the longest discussion out of the four parts. Only one card was taken off the list this time around so that makes my life easier. But I would have like to have seen more cards come off the list purely because Emergency Teleport and other cards are not worth bothering about anymore. Konami is just trying to play safe and it stifles our creativity because of that.

Now, for the discussion. A total of 8 cards have come onto the Semi-limited list. A few surprises but overall they make me shrug. We all know what Semi-Limits would have really helped this format run smoother, but talking about them will just make this a rant rather than a discussion.

MarshmallonSDLS-EN-C-1E.jpgIn all honesty, this card was limited so long ago that it's place was not justified anymore. Even at 2, it's not really that hard to break through. Sitting behind this can be a really nice wall against dino rabbits, but spirit reaper's ability to rip cards from your opponent's hand makes it the overall better choice. The burn damage is actually very respectable and at 2 gives it a tiny boost to an already trollish deck called chain burn. Setting this and then setting 5 chainable traps is just painful. But in terms of general play, it's not that great and should be at 3. I mean, when was the last time you attacked into a Marshmallon?


Lumina,LightswornSummonerLCGX-EN-UR-1E.jpgLumina, Lightsworn Summoner
Now this is a semi-limit I agree with. Konami was nice to look at an old archetype and give it a little more consistency. They are slowly bringing cards back for the deck and while this card was always good, sadly it's still not enough.

As much as I love playing the deck, the overall archetype lacks the kind of power that can contend with the decks currently destroying the game right now. Call me crazy but if Konami actually brought Lumina off the list, and brought Charge of the Light Brigade back to 3, the deck might stand a chance. However, with Charge at 3, it becomes splashable as a mill engine for decks like Infernity, so it will never go up from limited and the deck will never be as powerful for as long as the game exists.

It's depressing in it's own way. All I can suggest is to avoid Lightsworns for the rest of your dueling days. Don't see this card going up on the list as a big boost and hoarding Lightsworn cards will only leave you will a stack that you won't be able to trade off for a very long time. At least the Ultra Rare version of the card is awesome.


RebornTenguEXVC-EN-UR-LE.jpgReborn Tengu
What's this? A TCG Exclusive getting hit before the OCG get their hands on it? Unspeakable!

But yes, it happened. Tengu is a stupid card. It replaces itself and combined with librarian allowed you to draw cards while filling the field with loads of synchros. It can also be used in Monarchs as tribute fodder. It really is a great card.

However, the banlist hit it a little too late in my opinion. This format is promoting Xyz and it's "Play them or lose" mentality has brushed tengu aside. In case you do not know, it does not get it's effect when it's detached as an xyz material, therefore making it incompatible with xyz monsters and making it a good card to steal off your opponent to xyz with. All of those points combined makes putting it to 2 a bit pointless. All it does is blatantly promote xyz and puts Konami in a worser light than they already are, wouldn't you agree?

Emergency Teleport
EmergencyTeleportTDGS-EN-UR-1E.pngNot much to say about this one. It was brought down to 1 to slow down Tele-DAD during it's reign. It's pivotal place in the deck's success is why it was called Tele-DAD. It can bring out a level 3 or lower psychic from your hand or deck (Prefably the latter). It was used to combine with Destiny HERO Malicious to synchro into level 8s, which back then was broken if you could do it with no disadvantage to your hand size.

The deck is dead, psychics are not really played aside from the ones that came out in Extreme Victory and it promotes xyz by being able to make rank 2s and 3s. All valid reasons to come back.

ShiensSmokeSignalSTOR-EN-R-1E.jpgShien's Smoke Signal
It was brought down to 1 in September 2011, which almost knocked the Legendary Six Samurai completely off the radar. They managed to take 1st place in YCS Mexico a couple of months ago so it was still capable of good things even with this card at 1.

But in OCGland the deck was not being played at all. Most banlist decisions are made by the OCGs meta, which explains why T.G. Agents were hit so badly.

Anyway, with it at 2, the deck's a little more consistent than last format but with only 1 Shien to synchro into, the deck still gets itself into problems when it hits the graveyard.

LevelLimit-AreaBDR2-EN-R-UE.jpgLevel Limit Area B
I don't really know why this card was on the list in the first place. It somewhat promotes Xyz due to having Ranks which means they are unaffected by this card. It was not being played AT ALL for the last few years and should have come off the list a LONG time ago.

There is really not much else to say. It could go to 90 for all I care.

Torrential Tribute
TorrentialTributeSDLS-EN-C-1E.jpgWell this is a surprise. Most players are going to replace the Trap Dustshoot they lost for a second copy of this. It's ability to wipe the field upon summon allows it to be used offensively and defensively, which makes it a versatile card. You can just sit back and wait for your opponent to fill their field before activating it, making it capable of producing immense amounts of advantage. And now it's at 2?

I think this might be my favourite change to the banlist. I honestly feel that this card being at 2 is a good thing. It forces Solemn judgments and is usually more effective than bottomless at the moment.

Cool call Konami. Good call indeed.

UltimateOffering-DL13-EN-R-UE-Red.jpgUltimate Offering
With Rank 4s getting better now, it's about time that Gadget offering was brought under control before they become a big problem. Cards like Daigusto Emeral and Shock Ruler allowed you to recycle and shut down a card type respectively, while only costing you 1 card.

But really, putting this card at 2 is not really good enough. The deck is still viable since all you have to do is get offering into your hand and there is so many ways to do it. The only way to truly kill the deck off is to ban this card, which probably wont happen.

Phew, that's the largest part discussed. There is a trend in the cards that have been hit this time around and it's quite clear what that trend is.

Just for the people who still can't see it: they are all pointless hits.

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  1. you want charge to come back to 3... that's just impossible: ryko-lyla-lumina-charge will be too much splashable!! you have probleme with the opposent's monster? charge will search for ryko. the M/T cards are blocking you? you just have to ask for lyla. you need to discard? lumina summon lyla and you discard up to 6 cards in one turn. this base will be to much fickle.