Monday, 27 February 2012

March 2012 Banlist Discussion Part 2: The Limited List

Now it's time for the Limited list. With the list almost in effect, I wanted to finish this segment before then so it's still worth talking about.

If you have not seen Part 1: Click here  (Right click and then new tab. Why this does not already happen when you right click makes no sense.)

So lets begin.

Tech Genus Striker
TGStrikerEXVC-EN-R-1E.jpgOkay. So right before the list, YCS Atlanta happened and T.Gs managed to win it. Of course, nobody had any sides to directly counter them and they are overall a good deck to play. High in Traps, they are able to whittle down your opponent and gain advantage. It seems like a pretty good deck and it's a shame that Benedikt Junk, the best player at YCS Leipzig who was playing T.Gs, did not make the final cut.

But why did Striker get hit?

In the OCG, as evidenced by the banlist, T.G Agents are rampant in the meta. This is because they do not have access to cards which make our meta decks work. For dino rabbits as an example: you need Tour guide to make Leviair and make another Evolzar. Without that combo, you will not be able to play the deck. That is why Konami had to look at T.G Agents and pick cards from it which were most problematic. It was either Striker or Warwolf, and Striker is overall the better card.

But in all honesty, It was a terrible hit. If you hit the Agent part more, then the deck would still not be able to function. Konami did hit the agent part, but not the right cards. But that is the reason why it was hit and the TCG has to deal with it.

The Agent of Mystery - Earth 
TheAgentofMysteryEarthSDLS-EN-SR-1E.pngFor the same reasons as above, Konami needed to hit Agents. This card allows for consistency which without, the deck would desperately need. If you keep earth alive for a turn, then you can go into Trishula next turn with the Venus you searched. So you lost no advantage and you managed to wipe 3 cards off your opponent. That actual play is not that great, but Konami should have hit Venus instead. Some players were really hoping that Hyperion would be hit too, but a boss monster is only really as good as the cards needed to come out. You can run a Boss monster that says "Win the duel", but if your deck only has a 0.1 chance of being able to summon it, then it's a bad card.

There is not much else to say about Earth. Both hits were pointless for the TCG and is a constant reminder that we are in desperate need for a separate Banlist from the OCG.

That's it for the Limited cards. The Semi-Limited discussion will be a lot longer, so you might want to get a drink for that one.

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