Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Maestroke the Symphony Djinn

Hello readers. It's been 2 weeks but instead of dwelling on the banlist, it's time for some card reviews. Everyone likes card reviews, right?

Following on from my latest video on my channel, we have the Djinn archetype debuting in the Xyz Symphony starter deck, which is coming out half way through april.

Now, there are 4 Djinn xyz monsters that come in the starter deck. But instead of going on about each one, I'm just going to flat out state that Maestroke the Symphony Djinn is the only one talking about.

 The TCG picture is not clear enough on the Wikia, so this will have to do.

 Its a Rank 4, requires 2 level 4s and has 1800 attack and 2300 defence.

"Once a turn, you can detach a material to select one of your opponent's face-up attack position monsters; switch it to face-down defence position"

Starting with that part of the effect first. You get to use this effect up to 2 times which is not too bad. It can flip your opponent's monsters into a weaker position. Simply put, this card can get over anything with less than 1800 defence (That's a lot of monsters). You can flip a Zenmaines down and blow it up with a dark hole since it cannot activate it's effect and therefore dies right there. It's got a lot of uses and that's not even the end of the effect.

"When a Djinn Xyz monster you control would be destroyed, you can detach one of it's materials instead"

Now if we take a look back at the debut of zenmaines and gachi gachi, we know that being able to stick around is a really beneficial effect. If your opponent has a monster above 2300 attack, then you can use a material to keep it alive, then on your turn you can flip their monster down with the second material and attack over it. It's a really nice way to get out of a sticky situation.

How does it fare when used competitively? Well it can survive a Laggia attack and then kill it next turn. It can outright survive a dolkka with it's defence unlike something like Wind-Up Zenmaines. It can survive an Inzektor assault (unless of course they have a monster reborn or something). It's an all round decent wall and can help you gather resources for a few turns while your opponent is using theirs to get over it. Oh and it cannot be killed by a Catastor or need to use its materials.

 Best of all, it's generic.

There is no need to discuss the other djinns. They are decent but nothing like this guy, which is a shame. Until next time, duelists!


  1. The face down zenmaines will still flip up if you attack it... So it is better to use a monster/magic/trap effect to destroy it after flipping it face down.

  2. Yeah. I was just thinking of applications of this card without wasting your hand away. I guess dark hole can work there.

  3. Summoner Monk > Heroic Challenger Extra Sword = 2800ATK Maestroke that Dark World Decks cannot get rid of easily