Friday, 30 March 2012

Future Visions: The Geargia Archetype

Hello once again for round 2 of Future visions. There are lots of archetypes coming out and if we do not keep on top of them, then we suck at this game.

But we don't because we read this blog. :)

Anyway, the next archetype up for discussion is the Geargias which come out in Return of the Duelist. They focus mainly on being machines and doing machine things. They already have a monster out called Geargiano from Generation Force, but since it negated the summoned monster's effect, it was pretty useless, so I won't bother talking about him.

Before we start. Keep in mind all the Machine support that already exists and I'm talking about Monsters too. This archetype works fine with the Machinas and the Gadgets so there's no need to worry about their lack of monsters or spell and trap support.

Geargiano MK-II

"When this card is Normal of Flip summoned: special summon one "Geargia" monster from your hand or graveyard in face-up defence position"

With it being level 3, it has access to a lot of cool xyz monsters, provided you special summon another copy of this or another level 3, for which there is only one other level 3 (the original Geargiano). It's 1000 attack isn't too bad either. It can go toe-to-toe with Tour guide and take out many little problems. They made sure this card was centered around xyz summoning so there is not much else to say about this card until more cards come out. At least you can summon any Geargia monster incase you don't want to xyz and just want shenanigans.


"If you control a Geargia monster, you can special summon this card from your hand in face-up defence position. When this card is sent from the field to the graveyard: you can add one Geargia monster from your graveyard to your hand, except Geargiaccel"

Now this is an interesting card. It's got an inbuilt summoning ability which is always welcomed regardless of not being able to choose it's position. It's mainly useful to summon their boss monster which we will talk about later. It's second effect is nice if your field gets torrential'd or dark hole'd but since it's a When and not an If effect, it will miss it's timing if it's sent to the graveyard by Tribute summon, synchro summon or something like enemy controller, so be careful.


"This card gains 200 ATK for each Geargia monster you control. You can tribute this card: special summon one Geargia monster from your deck in face-up defense position, except Geargiarsenal"

So this card hits the field at at least 1700 attack. If you special summon Geargiaccel then this card is now 1900, which is pretty neat in a pinch. A cool combo to do is to summon Geargiano MK II, special summon Geargiarsenal and tribute it to summon another MK II, allowing for a rank 3 summon from 1 card. It's almost like using tour guide except not as stupid. There are many other things you can do with this card, but that's one of the best combos I can think of. Probably the best Geargia monster right now due to it's versatility.


"Once a turn, you can flip this card into face-down defence position. When this card is flipped face-up: add one Geargia monster from your deck to your hand, except Geargiamor"

Wow what a tasty card we have right here. It's a solid 1900 wall, stopping thunder king and sabersaurus right in their tracks. And each turn you keep it alive, you get to add a Geargia to your hand!

Think about it. If you set this, then on your opponent's turn they smash into this and you add a card to your hand. If they do not deal with it right there, you can flip it down on your turn and flip it back up again, therefore adding another monster to your hand. At that point you have a nice big hand full of monsters to use. With Geargiano MK II you can keep bringing this back and putting it face-down. This is the consistency for the archetype right here. The other cards are good and work find on their own, but this card is the one that brings it all together. While it's not good offensively, the more turns you keep it alive, the more  xyz you can pump out! And it's a freaking level 4!

Now for the Xyz monster!


Geargiganto X

"2 Level 4 Machine-Type monsters.
Once per turn you can detach a material from this card: Add 1 level 4 or lower Machine type from your deck or graveyard to your hand. When this card leaves the field: You can special summon 1 level 3 or lower Geargia monster from your graveyard"

Now there's a few noteworthy parts to this card. First off, you can add any level 4 or lower MACHINE type from your deck or graveyard to your hand. This allows for use with Gadgets, Machina (gearframe) and Karakuris. It also requires 2 machines to make it, so even outside the archetype it's completely usable, which is what makes it a fantastic card. Secondly, you can special summon a Geargianto MK II when this card leaves the field. There will be more level 3s in the future for this card to summon, but not as of when it comes out. The Geargianto does not get it's effect though, so it only serves as a wall and a way to get Geargiaccel on the field without wasting your normal summon.

Lastly, if you didn't notice, it's not actually a Geargia monster. It's missing the A after the I. What this means is that if its the only monster you control, you cannot special summon Geargiaccel. It also does not contribute 200 attack to Geargiarsenal while that's on the field. So in reality, it's helping the deck but it's helping it just as much as any other machine deck, which is not how Konami does archetypes.

Oh and it looks a bit like a gadget with the Cog on it's back, therefore insulting the archetype by blatantly ripping off another. But who's complaining?

That's it for another insight into the future. Until next time: TheTCGLover out!

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