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Tournament Report: 23/3/12

Yesterday (Friday) I decided to enter my locals with my Evol Deck. With Solda now joining the crew of Broken dragons, I felt like I had a shot.

It was looking a bit bleak at first, with many people not being bothered to enter. Also with money issues, I don't have any Dolkkas or Zenmaines incase the situation came up to use them. Because of that, I opted into using Solda instead, to deal with the Inzektor Matchup.

Match 1: Infernity

Game 1: I lost the Dice Roll. He uses wave motion inferno to dump his hand, but not before setting an infernity guardian. I have absolutely no way to get rid of it in my deck so I was just hoping my Skill drains in the side deck would be able to take care of it. Due to his stalling, he eventually chipped away at my life points and managed to attack over my Westlo with a Stygian Sergeants.
Game 2: I sided into my D.D. Crows and my skill drains hoping that they would stop the wall he made last game. I did not draw into them but since i went first i managed to stop a crucial play on turn 2 which left him with just 1 face down on his field and no cards in hand (wave motion inferno). I began poking away with a Diplo and he couldn't really recover.
For some reason, he had to go and couldn't play game 3 so I won the match.


Match 2: Dimensional Eatos Stun something.

Game 1: I had no idea what i was up against. He threw down a Guardian eatos and activated Dimensional fissure. Fortunately i went first so he attacked my westlo and i got a diplo out, which destroyed his fissure. At that point i was forced to torrential, which put monsters in his graveyard. He slowly tried to get more field presence by summoning Koaki meiru stuff (Sandman, Wall, Guardian) but with Westlo's perfect defence, there was no way for him to really make an impact. At one point he was summoning D.D. Survivors and trying to get over all my stuff and everytime i killed them with Cerato, they kept coming back for another round, which meant more evoltiles for me. I eventually resorted to summoning 2 laggias in one turn, and with 2 cards left in hand he had no way to stop them.
Game 2: Same thing as game 1, but much quicker. He almost had game if he attacked but got greedy and summoned a second Beast King Barbaros, which allowed me to torrential the field and get back advantage. A sort of mistake that a good player wouldn't make in a 2 torrential format.


Match 3: Inzektors
This was against a friend of mine who helps me film pack openings on my channel and other things. He was filling in for a guy who quit after losing the second round. I told him i was on 2-0 and he let me take the win right there, provided I give him a pack from whatever I win. I couldn't argue with that. We decided to play anyway, just for funsies.

Game 1: He went first and tried to start the loop going. Many solemn warnings were used but I eventually ran out of steam and he dropped DAD. Derp.
Game 2: I messed him up big time. I managed to get the Zenmaister Loop going and summoned laggia after laggia. With 2 of them out at once, he couldn't do anything.
Game 3: He removed the only hornet in his grave and a Veiler to summon BLS. I managed to get it off the field with a torrential and tried to get some presence back. We eventually came really close and he was at 1700 life points. I topdecked a Diplo and knew i couldnt take him out so i held onto it. I had 3 Cerato in my deck at that point from Avarice so i was about 1/5 chance of drawing it. He topdecked monster reborn and got back BLS. I couldn't do anything at that point.

If I had sided, then It would have played out much differently. I probably would have be able to stop most of his plays without having to waste my hand.


Match 4: Evols
When I realised who I was playing against, I knew this was going to be a fun match. His deck is slightly different with Guaibas instead of Elias and a few other cards like Xyz reborn. But his extra deck was blinged out completely so he had a good advantage over me in terms of choices and plays.

Game 1: He managed to Evo force and summoned 2 Cerato to attack over my 2 Cerato that i had normal summoned, netting him some +4 and bringing my morale down a bit. He decided to xyz into laggia with them and I set a westlo and a couple of backrows. He knew what it was so for some reason didnt attack. I flipped up westlo and he tried to negate it. I had to clarify that Laggia cannot negate flip summons. Then i summoned a Diplo and he tried to laggia again. I had to clarify that It can only negate inherent special summons (such as BLS or DAD). He was skeptical but the invigilator said I was correct. After that kerfuffle, I managed to get out a second evolsaur with Evo force and Najasho and he negated evo force which is what I was hoping he would do. At this point I could tell that my knowledge of the deck and overall comprehension of the rules of the game is what will lead me to win. I eventually finished the game with 2 loaded laggias.
Game 2: I sided into Mirror of Oaths. Incase you do not know, when a monster(s) is summoned from the deck, you can destroy the summoned monster(s) and draw a card. It was the perfect card to hit whatever is summoned by Westlo. I had to go second and i drew into it as my 6th card of my opening hand. He had set westlo and nothing else so the stage was set. He flip summoned and summoned a diplo, targeting my Mirror of Oaths, which I activated. He spent about 2 minutes reading the card and swearing under his breath. I managed to get that effect off again later that game too. I finished the game with a Zenmaister, a westlo, 2 laggias and a Solda on my field with about 4 cards in hand. He had nothing and I felt kind of bad that I completely pillaged everything he had. After the game, he promptly traded all his Evol stuff off for some Inzektor stuff.

So i ended up going 4-0 and another guy did as well, otherwise I would have got double the packs for winning. He offered to do a winner takes all but I had already opened my packs. I got a turbo pack and 4 packs for winning, which i pulled an Inzektor Hornet and an xyz reborn. Not bad for £5 entry! It's also been a year and a half since I beat my locals. Half the players there were Wind-up players but for some reason I managed to dodge them all.

So here's my current decklist. Once GAOV comes out, it will change.

Monsters - 18
3x Evoltile Westlo
3x Evoltile Najasho
3x Evolsaur Cerato
2x Evolsaur Vulcano
2x Evolsaur Diplo
2x Evolsaur Elias
2x Effect Veiler
1x Gorz, the emissary of darkness

Spells - 15
3x Evo Force
3x Enemy Controller
1x Monster reborn
1x Dark Hole
1x Heavy Storm
1x Book of moon
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Pot of duality
1x Pot of Avarice

Traps - 7
2x Solemn Warning
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror force

 Extra Deck - 9 (Yes, just the cards I know I might use)
2x Evolzar Laggia
1x Evolzar Solda
1x Wind-Up Zenmaister
1x Giga-Brilliant
1x Leviathan Dragon
1x Stardust dragon
1x Armory arm
1x Ally of Justice Catastor

My Side deck is currently on my channel.

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