Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Super Dimensional Robo Galaxy Destroyer

Greetings yugioh peoples. Once the entire set has been revealed for Return of the Duelist, I'll do another Future Visions segment since there are a few archetypes left in that set that need reviewing.

But for now, we are going to discuss one of the Xyz monsters in that set. I believe there are going to be a grand total of 10 Xyz monsters in Return of the Duelist. That's even before the TCG Exclusive ones are announced, so there might be as many as 15 Xyz monsters depending on how crazy Konami are feeling.

Today's card review is on Super Dimensional Robo Galaxy Destroyer


It's a giant robot, comes from a super dimension and destroys galaxies...

Boasting a powerful 5000 attack and not so scary 2000 defence, this is a hell of a powerhouse. It requires 3 level 10s to summon it so it's not a walk in the park and requires it's own deck. While there are some good generic level 10s, it's still difficult. Now for it's effect

Once a turn: you can detach 1 xyz material from this card to destroy all spell and trap cards your opponent controls. Your opponent cannot activate spell or traps in response to this effect.

So... It lets you detach to harpie's feather duster your opponent's backrow away. It's been worded in a way so that in the TCG, your opponent cannot bottomless trap hole or torrential this card. Infact to be more specific, your opponent's chainable back row cards are useless and they will have to predict this card's summon before it hits the field. Once the backrow's are gone, it's boasting an incredible 5000 attack and your opponent wont be able to protect themselves against that attack unless they have a Battle fader or something. Oh and by the way: It's a machine. There's a certain card that can double the attack of machine types until the end of the turn.... It Removes the Limiter on the card's attack, in a way.

Now like many of the quirky Xyz monsters out, it's summoning condition is what breaks this card, but not the good kind of break. How on earth are you supposed to consistently get 3 level 10s on the field. without completely depleting your resources?

There are a few cards you can use, to ease the pain:

- Tragoedia is a great option since it can hit the field pretty easily.
- Metal reflect slime can hold a good wall while you set up. 3000 is a pretty solid defence and it does not waste your normal summon
- Galaxy Queen's Light lets you select a level 7 or higher monster you control and all monsters you control become the same level as that monster. So by selecting Tragoedia, you can make 2 other monsters level 10, and allows you to summon this card. Use something like Tour guide from the Underworld (LOL I know.) to get the 2 extra monsters out.

Once the summoning requirements have been met, you can still fall to a Solemn card which is a buzzkill. You might want to try and reduce their backrow first before summoning this, but it will reduce the effectiveness of this card's effect.

In conclusion. In the modern game where keeping a monster on the field for longer than a couple of turns is an achievement, this card will not see play. It's strictly for fun duels and it does require a deck build round it, which is a shame since it looks like a transformer. To have made it slightly more worth the investment, it should have had a protection effect (discard to prevent destruction perhaps?) because lets face it, it's going to be the bane of your opponent more than anything else you have on your field and is the prime target for anything they throw at you.

Until next time. TheTCGLover out!


  1. I love this card in my Fiend deck. Darkness Neosphere plus Galaxy Queen's Knight equals badass beatstick waiting to crush monsters and spit on the backrow.

  2. My Current way of playing it involves running Cyber Eltanin and then activating two metal reflect slimes