Wednesday, 30 November 2011

T.G. Stun for YCS Brighton!

Hey guys. I hope some of you readers are going to YCS Brighton. It should be really fun and I hope you and your deck is ready for whatever is going to be played there.

Anyway. I've decided to play T.G. Stun since all the money cards in the deck are now easily available. The deck is actually maining cards to deal with other decks of the format, so siding is not completely necessary but a nice added bonus.

Here it is thus far:

Monsters - 14
3x T.G. Warwolf
3x T.G. Rush Rhino
2x T.G. Striker
3x Reborn Tengu
2x Beast King Barbaros
1x Thunder King Rai-Oh

Spells - 5
3x Pot of Duality
1x Dark hole
1x Monster Reborn

Traps - 21
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x Solemn Warning
1x Solemn Judgment
3x Horn of the Phantom Beast
2x Skill Drain
1x Fiendish chain
2x TG1-EM1
3x Starlight Road
3x Dimensional prison
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Trap Dustshoot

It's a trap heavy deck, but it's what makes the deck work. I run no backrow removal cards since I'm happy to let the monsters run into whatever my opponent has since I don't lose advantage. Rush Rhino plays a crucial part in this deck as It can hit my opponent for a quarter of their life, which forces them to use their Solemns on it. Horn of the Phantom beast is so good in this deck just because you can activate it during damage calculation. Sometimes I've used horn on a previous turn and It's been destroyed, then attacked their higher attack monster with a Beast and I say "response?". They think I've got a horn set and they waste their traps on it.

Of course, Reborn Tengu serves as a target for horn and a way to keep field presence. Under horn it goes to 2500 which allows it to get over a Vanity's fiend or a Caius.

Skill drain is another crucial part of this deck. I draw into it about 2 in every 5 games but when I do, It gets to work. You should always chain it when your opponent activates an effect rather than just at any time on their turn so you get the benefit right away. As you can see every monster in my deck works with Skill drain. Beast King Barbaros becomes 3000 attack under drain, and the attack stays even when Skill Drain is destroyed.

And 3 Starlight road makes sure that my field is safe, and I can set 5 face downs without worrying about heavy storm.


  1. Damn this deck is really close to what I brought to my regional, with the only exception being that I didnt run TG1-EM1 mainly because it was dead draw, also I ran King Tiger Wanghu Over Thunder King but man I wish I had mained that guy instead. Love the deck and Horn is a badass card!

  2. Yeah. I've not managed to activate 3 horns at once yet, but I shall someday :)