Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Photon Shockwave: Top 10 monsters to look out for

Hello once again readers. I finally passed this blog on to my main account, so when I comment, it will say TheTCGLover. Same person, different account. Remember that :)

Anyway, with the Photon Shockwave sneak peek coming up in about 4-5 days, it's time to list the cards that I feel are worth grabbing if you see them being pulled. I did top 5 the last time I did this, but it was not enough to be honest.

10. Wind-Up Knight

This card allows you to negate an attack once while it's face up. If XX-Saber Fulhelmknight is anything to go by, being able to negate an attack is pretty darn good. And it's got 1800 attack which is not bad at all. On top of that, it triggers Magician and Factory. If you play Wind-Ups, it's probably best in 2s

9. Watt King Cobra

Very good support card for watts. It allows a search each time it attacks directly, so you can manipulate your deck a little better. Rivals Wattdragonfly in terms of usefulness in my opinion.

8. Photon Sabre Tiger

A great little floater. Allows you to search for another copy and it goes up to 2000 when there's 2 or more on the field, or it's effect is negated. It's effect allows it to be used with Galaxy Eyes, so it fits the theme well. Which puts me onto number 7...

7. Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon
The cover card of the set. This Dragon is the modern day equivalent of Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Even the name looks similar. It craps on Xyz monsters with it's effect so it's worth it if you can bring it out safely. I wouldn't use it outside of it's deck though.

6. Wind-Up Zenmaines

A very formidable card in terms of what it does. It sticks around a while an can be offensive while being defensive. It's easy to make now that we will get Wind-Up Rabbit. But both are Secret rare, which is annoying.
5. Evolzar Dolkka

An awesome card that can negate effects by detaching a material. It screws over flip effects and many widely played cards. It's brother is a little more versatile though.

4. Wind-Up Kitten

This card is actually really annoying once you loop it with wind-up rabbit. You can bounce synchros and xyz monsters for no cost. It's an Ultra rare in the set, so I doubt you will have to deal with it at the sneak.

3. Wind-Up Rabbit

This card brings the Wind-Up Archetype to the next tier (Tier 2-3). It does so much for the archetype and it's usable outside of it too. It can keep dodging anything and then be used for Zenmaines when you see fit. It triggers Magician and Factory so you can keep on plussing while it keeps dodging. It gets even worse once we get Wind-Up Zenmaighty in Order of Chaos.

2. Evolzar Laggia

The better out of the two brothers. Its essentially a Solemn Judgment on legs. It can negate almost anything except for monster effects and counter traps. I would say that it's more annoying that Shi en since it requires less searching and is harder to disrupt.

1. Rescue Rabbit

Definitely the card of the set. It's hype is pushing it to up to £100 on ebay. Konami made this card a secret while it was only a rare in the OCG set. But it's effect means you have access to almost any xyz monster under rank 5. It cannot be effect veilered so it's effect is almost a sure thing. You can get two Sabersaurus and make Laggia, or get two Alexandrite dragon and tribute them for Galaxy eyes. It is a card that will get better over time as more xyz monsters come out. It's only drawback is that you have to run Normal monsters which are bad to draw, but if you build the deck right, it's powerful.

Anyway. This is my list of cards I think are worth looking out for. There are other cards that are amazing in this set, but I cannot spend my whole day removing and adding cards onto this list.

Notable monsters include:
  • Metaion, the Time Lord
  • Number 10: Illumiknight
  • Prior of the Ice Barrier
  • Evolsaur Cerato
  • Kagetokage
  • Alexandrite Dragon
Seriously. This set is awesome. So many good cards! 

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