Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hey Readers....

Sorry I've been inactive for the past couple of weeks, but It's because recently there has been little to talk about in the Yu-Gi-Oh world that peaked my interest. There was the recent Premium pack 12 released in the OCG, but we wont get the cards in that set for a while. Once we get a confirmed import, I'll review them.

So yeah, anything Yu-Gi-Oh related I've done recently is just preparing for Brighton. It's only when you get close to something that you start to notice flaws and important cards that you didn't think you needed before.

So yeah, if you watch my videos, you will have picked up that I have stopped playing T.G. Stun (Love the deck though) and decided on Gravekeepers. Why?

The main reason is that I refuse to go into a YCS with half a deck (The other half being filler cards) since to Top or to get to the bubble, you must have a fully functional deck, complete with all the necessary cards that makes the deck good, and for all the tech cards to have some synergy with the main theme. I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to get hold of 2 Skill drains and It's impossible. So instead I'm playing Gravekeepers. I have all the cards (bought 3 Marik structures when they came out since I knew recruiter was going to be a beast) and I like the way they play. They are incredibly Auto-Pilot (Almost as Auto-Pilot as Dino Rabbit) so there is little room to make misplays. However in the past few days of testing, I've noticed that I've made some bad misplays on my part. I've been using Royal tribute with a hand of 2-3 monsters and no way to get them back. Or I accidently fetch Descendant rather than Recruiter and run straight into a mirror force. But now I'm playing much better.

One card in the deck I'm really becoming fond of is Wonder Wand. It's a really nice little card for GKs since you can boost your monsters attack, attack over their monster and then send the monster and the card to draw into protection. I've managed to summon a descendant and attack over a dolkka, then tributed my Spy to destroy their used laggia, then drew 2. It put me in a really good position since they could not get their stuff back from the Graveyard (Necrovalley) and I still have a good field. Of course, using Wonder Wand on Recruiter means you +1 by its search.

Also, continuing from my recent "What to side for YCS Brighton" Video, I'm also going to side Kycoo since it really does beat a lot of decks. It works in gravekeeper's very well (Spellcaster for Wand, Dark for Allure) and it takes care of my worst matchup: Dark world. You have 2 Graphas in your graveyard? Not anymore.

So yeah, I'm counting on you readers as a team to back me up and cheer me on (If you're not going to Brighton).

Watch out for me (Kyle Griffin) in the top 32! Billy Brakes got nothing on me!

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  1. Good luck man I'll be watchin to see what happens