Monday, 21 November 2011

"Where should Thunder King Rai-oh be on the banlist?" poll

This time round, we got a large variety of opinions on this one. I like making controversial polls, since it's what makes the yugioh community talk.

Anyway, where should Thunder King Rai-oh be on the banlist?

  • 11 people (13%) said it should be banned
  • 25 people (30%) said it should be at 1
  • 19 people (22%) said it should be at 2
  • 28 people (33%) said it should stay where it is on the banlist
Wow. Just wow. Look at that spread of answers!

It's clear that you guys have a very mixed opinion on Rai-oh. Today I'm going to talk about him and what he does for the game.

Right so, Rai-oh came out in the second GX manga. He hits the field at 1900 beefy attack points and a meh 800 defence. So on the field, he's going to be one of the strongest first plays you can make. If you go first, your opponent cannot activate Pot of Duality or Search with any of their floaters. What this means is that the outs that your opponent has to have need to be in their hand (or in the next few cards in the deck) at the time. If they let it stick around on the field and try and make plays, they will most likely fall victim to Rai-ohs second effect, where it can send itself to the graveyard to negate an inherent special summon, such as synchro summons and cards like Machina Fortress, Hyperion, Kristya and so on.

So for your opponent to get over it, they have to special summon a big monster to do so, and Rai-oh means that even though your opponent just did make a big monster, it can tribute itself and take it with him.

Also, keep in mind that Rai-oh sending itself it a cost and the special summon being negated happens when rai-oh is in the graveyard, meaning it can be used under skill drain. That means it can be splashed in T.G. Stun and not conflict with the searching abilities of the T.g. monsters while still having it's negation effect.

But in my opinion, Thunder King is one of the best cards in the game. It's almost always useful and can really put your opponent in a tough spot, with no investment on your part. Even running 1 still gets to work all by itself  provided you summon it at the right time, but 2-3 is best. But where should it be on the banlist?

It's card design means it's unlikely to hit the banlist at all in the foreseeable future. It's an amazing card but like many other cards, there are ways to get around it and in the competitive scene, it's only really a minor annoyance. But since it's now a common (an expensive one though), it will see more play and that might make konami wake up to it.

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