Monday, 21 November 2011

T.g. gadgets on Friday (11/18/2011)

I went to my locals and played T.G. Gadgets. my mindset was "there is nothing more consistent than a deck full of floaters". I honestly just dismantled my Machina Gadgets and just replaced the Machina part for T.G.s and made a few changes. If you want to see the decklist, check out my channel and it's up there.

So I took it to locals and played in the tournament. There were very few players so there was only 3 rounds. However, that does not mean you're playing bad players. It just means the chance of playing a certain deck decreases.

Round 1: Luke (TGU Tengu Plants) 0-2
Yup he was playing a very similar deck to Billy Brakes. I really did not like the feeling of being put in the deep end like this since I knew I hadn't done enough practice with the deck to be playing against this deck. He is one of the only guys in my locals that has consistently topped the YCSs in Europe, and was not afraid to boast about it. I didn't mind though. I have had to chance to play against Mat Collins (who won YCS Milan back in November 2010) right after he had won so it was not my first time playing a pro YCS player.

G1: I started off and set up some good advantage plays. It was going well until he managed to clear my field and summon a Thunder king and stop my searches, which meant I overextended thinking I could replenish my hand in the end phase. He seemed to have the right card for every move I played. It went on a while but he managed to take control of my Scrap Dragon and I forgot to veiler it, so it killed my backrow and managed to swing for around 6000: more than I could take.
G2: I sided Fossil Dynas and Power Filter (Continuous spell card: Neither player can special summon monsters 1000 attack or less) in the hopes that I might be able to stop tour guide and his plant engine. However I just didn't draw into my sides, even when I used my Duality. He took control of the game pretty quickly since he drew the nuts in his opening hand. His field ended up being like 3-4 synchros (the first one to hit the field was Librarian) and had 4-5 cards left in his hand.

Oh well. If you play good players, you will have to beat them at their best, which is never an easy feat. Good practice for brighton though :). A couple of friends told me that he cheats. He opens every game with Dustshoot in his hand (Which happened in my match too) which made me wonder if he is as good as he thinks.

Round 2: Lee (Dark world) 2-1
Lee is one of the locals who comes every week to play. He has all the best cards but likes to vary every week so he can work on the weaker matchups of his main decks. Very clever, but I wouldn't advise it unless you're rich. But if you do it, it should pay off and make you a better player in the long run.

G1: I won the roll and managed to negate everything he tried to do. Creature swap meant he got my Striker and I got his 3k Grapha. He honestly did not know how to come back from that. ended up beating him with no life points lost
G2: He opened up with Gates, Snoww and Deck Devastation Virus. Almost every monster in my deck is below 1500 attack so I was screwed. It was the last turn it was in effect so I thought I still had a chance. However he activated another DDV and I just scooped.
G3: It was time now. 4 turns and who ever has the most life at the end of turn 4 wins. I went first and managed to open pretty well. I didn't draw into any cards that require paying life points and he opened really badly (That inconsistency thing that Dark worlds have). He did a TGU into Leviathan dragon to try and run over my rush rhino in turn 2, but I dimensional prisoned (I'm glad he MSTed my other facedown, which was creature swap!). I didn't want this to be a "first person to deal damage" thing so I quickly made Android with Striker and Warwolf and won the game.

Round 3: Anthony (Infernity) 2-1
A good friend of mine who managed to pull a play set of Rescue Rabbits just by luck. He has been testing his infernities for a few weeks now and is slowly getting better with it. I thought that infernities, if done properly, can be a real pain in the ass. So I wanted to control the game and stop him bringing out 5 synchros in one turn. He still has not mastered the Infernity play yet so he just did whatever he wanted.

G1: Won the dice roll for the third time today. Opened up meh with a striker and summoned it in attack, and set three backrows. Luckily he did not open too well but managed to get the ball rolling around turn 5, bringing out a hundred eyes dragon and a Stygian Sergeants which dealt about 7000 damage to me. I managed to draw a dark hole and took control from there. It was really close but I prevailed in the end.
G2: I sided into Pachy and It almost paid off. He went first and set in the hopes that I would overextend and screw me over. I special summoned striker and set Pachy, knowing what he was up to. His turn came and as I predicted he exploded, summoning many synchros. He used Infernity Break to destroy pachy. Him and the few people watching said "ooooooo lucky". I was not pleased that he had done that and it meant he had game 2.
G3: We still hadn't gone into time by the beginning of this round. Once again he exploded on me but couldnt muster enough power to deal 8000. His field ended up being a Infernity Archfiend, Hundred eyes dragon and a Brionac which came to around 7500-ish. I only needed to draw into a T.g. Warwolf to turn it around. I knew he had Barrier set so I knew it was now or never. I drew Warwolf and laughed. I special summoned Striker and Warwolf then normal summoned Rhino. I attacked over Archfiend with rhino, making his Barrier useless. He then realised I had level 9 worth of monsters and prepared his field and graveyard for a Trishula, but instead I made mist wurm since his hand was empty. Best play I made that day. His field was completely cleared by it and for the next 3 turns, he only drew into useless traps. Goes to show that Trishula isn't always the best level 9 for the Job.

In the end I had come third and Anthony came fourth. I didn't pull anything out of my packs but I was only there to test my deck, and was very happy with the results. However if I can get the cards, I'd rather play T.g. Stun with Barbaros and Tengus instead.

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