Sunday, 11 September 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Thunder-End Dragon

Happy Sunday everyone! There's no better day than a Sunday to kick back with a few drinks, huddle around your buddies, and play some trading card games.

Continuing one with the Photon shockwave card reviews, today's card is Thunder-End Dragon

 Looks a little like Blue-Eyes Shining dragon.

This is the first rank 8 Xyz monster to be made thus far. Because its a rank 8, it requires 2 level 8s as its xyz materials. Not only that, they must be normal monsters. That's probably the most difficult summoning requirements for an Xyz monster to date (Just a little ahead of Evolkaiser Ragia).

Hitting the field at 3000 attack and 2000 defense, it packs a punch. But because of its summoning requirements, you'd think that it would be 3500 to help it get over the big beaters of today (I'm looking at Judgment dragon and Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning). At least it's effect can help with that problem.

Once a turn, you can detach one of its 2 materials to destroy all other monsters on the field.

Well, that's a little underwhelming of an effect. I just gave up 2 big beaters to make 1, and all it can do is nuke the monsters on the field? I'd rather it blew up all spells and traps to be honest. Then i can just attack other their monsters and put them in a tough position.

There's really not much to say about this card's effect though. It does not have to worry about Face-down monsters since it blows them away. But how do we summon this beast?

About a year ago i did a review on Blue-Eyes White Dragon. This card is a perfect candidate to use for xyz summoning Thunder-End Dragon. It can be searched by White stone of legend and Summoner's art, and can be special summoned straight from the hand by Kaibaman and Ancient Rules, which is handy. Special summon 2 of them and you can Xyz into Thunder-End. Not too difficult, is it?

Anyway, this card is probably going to stay an ultra rare in its TCG. It shouldn't be a ultra but since it's a powerful beater, it will probably stay where it is. I wouldn't be too happy if i pulled it though!


  1. It's time for Lord Of D. and his flute of summoning dragons!!!


  2. Haha. If you can pull it off, then hats off to you!

  3. dude i pull it off no problem with my karakuri deck i summon karakuri lvl 8 syncro which lets me summon another karakuri card(usually lvl 4) then desyncro then syncro again summon the same card back add another lvl 4 but a tuner then syncro again then bam 2 lvl 8 syncros on the field then xyz summon and all of this in 1 turn

  4. it requires 2 level 8 normal monsters. not synchros.