Sunday, 18 September 2011

Black Luster Soldier: One little pickle of a card.

This post is not really a card review, more of a rant and a discussion of said card.

If any of you (and I hope it's many of you), have seen one of my recent duels on the Dueling Network (DN), Black Luster Soldier - Envoy played a huge part in my opponent's strategy. He managed to summon it 3 times in the duel, causing me to run out of outs to it the third time round. I managed to use Gladiator beast war chariot twice, but it just wouldn't die. If I had known he had beckoning light set, I would have summoned Gladiator Beast Retiari and removed it. But he could have chained beckoning light and got it back anyway. Point is, the card really screwed me over.

One of the things I don't like about this card is how the situation goes down when it hits the field. It has two effects: Remove a Monster on the field, or double attack right? Well when it hits the field, the person who summoned it has priority to use the first effect to remove something.

So, I would politely say "Priority?", giving him a chance to use the first effect if he wants. One of the problems with this card is that if I don't suggest it, then he might activate it after the summon was successful, so my face down bottomless trap hole is useless.

But the most annoying problem here is, if I ask if he is retaining priority to use it's effect, he will begin to figure out that I will activate a card after priority has been passed over to me, thus realising to use the removal effect before I can activate my bottomless and 1-for-1.

It's very frustrating when this happens, and it's the reason why I cannot stand facing it right now. How is a budget player supposed to deal with cards like this without losing 2 cards on the field in the process?

My theory is that because the OCG and TCG banlists are identical, Black Luster Soldier could come back into the OCG quite happily since they do not have priority anymore, therefore clearing up the issue I had with the card.

Simply put, it should have stayed at 0 in the TCG. The TCG is simply not suited for a powerhouse card like Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning to exist in.


  1. Very True - Broken card with a joke of a summoning requirement, that is insanely splashable into most competitive decks.

    What were they thinking, when they made this card, let alone un-ban it?

  2. Clearly they were not thinking at all. Back when the card was released it was overshadowed by the other envoy and getting a light and dark in the graveyard actually meant summoning a light and a dark sometime in the duel and having them destroyed. Nowadays there are so many ways to forfill the requirement for BLS that it's a joke.