Sunday, 4 September 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Photon Veil

As i was looking through photon shockwave, i was picking out cards that i would probably review in the coming few months. Photons look to be an interesting group of cards to play around with when the set is released. A few of their cards however, can be splashed in other LIGHT decks since they do not specifically refer to Photon cards.

One of them is the spell card called Photon Veil

This spell card allows you to return 3 LIGHT monsters from your hand into your deck. Then you can add up to 3 level 4 or below LIGHT monsters from your deck to your hand. If you choose 2 or more monsters, they must have the same name.

The main reason why i am reviewing this card is because of Lightsworns. They are going to be big this format with Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning at 1. One problem with Lightsworns is the Consistency issue. For a Deck to win a YCS, they must be able to consistently win 11-12 rounds of swiss to even get into the Top 32. When lightsworns work though, they are almost unstoppable.

This card can help with the consistency problem. You can return LIGHT monsters like Wulf back into your deck and get monsters you can actually use. It means your starting hand is better and you can focus more on milling and setting up, rather than trying to get out of a terrible hand of Necro gardna, Glow up Bulb, Plaguespreader and 3 Wulfs (It happens more often than you think). It means you can return monsters like Judgment dragon and Black Luster Envoy when you cannot summon them at that present time.

However, this card has more problems than its worth. First off, you need to have 3 LIGHT monsters in your hand before you can even think of activating this card. That means 4 specific cards in your hand. Also, you need to be able to handle the inherent -1 that this card makes. You activate the card (-1), return 3 to the deck (-3), and add 3 to your hand (+3), and thats if you add 3 to your hand.

Also, the the best way to make use of this card is to have 3 cards of the same name in your deck. Decks like Lightsworns focus more on having many different monsters in your deck. The only monster that might be played at 3 in there is Wulf. But with the way the deck needs to be at the moment, 2 wulfs is considerably better and frees up a deck slot.

The card is meant to be used with Daybreaker, which when special summoned through Photon lead (Which i might review), allows you to special summon all 3 of them from your hand, allowing for a Rank 4 xyz summon.

But the way this card supports a whole attribute, it might get rarity bumped all the way up to Ultra rare. If it did end up a holo though, the artwork would look superb.


  1. keep in mind Moray was a Normal Rare, and it did similar. It bumped up a whole Attribute, but kept its rarity. Though, admittedly, LIGHT is more powerful than WATER due to Konami's ministrations.

  2. Yes exactly. Light is a much better attribute than Water. That, combined with the fact that you're adding cards you want to your hand rather than 3 random cards from the top of your deck, means a rarity bump is probably going to happen.

  3. You forget that if it is mainly going to be used in lightsworns, you expect it to be a foil rare, just to ensure that your blind your opponent from all the shininess