Friday, 16 September 2011

The poll is now closed

Hello everyone. The poll I had displayed on my blog is over. The question was 'Where should Mystical Space Typhoon be on the Banlist?'

You guys voted and:
6% wanted it to be forbidden
11% wanted it limited
49% wanted it semi-limited
33% was happy that it's now at 3

Thanks for voting. I personally feel that you guys are right. MST at 2 would certainly clear up some problems this format. I made the wrong assumption that players would only run 2 since less traps are played, but MST at 3 protects your traps as well as being a 1-for-1 offensive tool right when you need it.

I hope Konami visits this blog and sees exactly what the playerbase wants in the game.

The next poll question is: 'Which is the most powerful back row removal card?'


  1. Yeah MST at 2 is already good but 3? I think GB can hardly survive without luck.

  2. I agree. Most players who play heavy storm only run 2 mst, but the choice of running 3 as well as heavy storm is bad. It should be put back down to 2 to give control decks a chance on games 2 and 3.