Thursday, 5 May 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: T.G. Wonder Magician

Hello readers. To keep with the T.G. theme im reviewing one of their synchro monsters. No, its not that broken mistake of a card Hyper Librarian.

Todays card is T.G. Wonder Magician
Thank god this card needs a T.G. Non-tuner.

This level 5 synchro monster has 1900 attack points (That's ok) and 0 defence (Err, what?). I guess thats ok since you will find yourself with this on your field during the end phase, so at least it can hold it's own a little. But this card has 3 very good effects:

When this card is Synchro summoned, select 1 spell/trap card on the field and destroy it. When this card is destroyed, draw a card. And then theres the formula synchron synchro on the opponent's turn clause.

So when it hits the field, you blow up a backrow. Thats very good since it pressures your opponent to use a card they might have wanted to use on something with a bit more attack. However, if they do not have a backrow and you do when you summon this card, you have to hit your own, which is bad (Fortunately you only get to blow up a card when you synchro summon Wonder Magician, so at least you have some control). And if you force them to use their bottomless, you draw a card. If you run into a mirror force, you draw a card (Card trooper, Umad bro?). So this card has a nice bonus if something happens to it.

On your opponent's turn, you can synchro summon with this card. Its a level 5, so it's a little easier to reach those higher levels than Formula synchron since you can just summon a level 2 or 3 instead of having to tribute summon or waste resources and synchro summon. Like Formula Synchron, you can wait for them to commit to the field and synchro into Black Rose Dragon with T.G. Catapult Turtle or any other level 2.

So how easy is it to Synchro summon this card? Very easy.
you can use T.G. striker and T.G. Werewolf without wasting your normal summon or you can use T.G. Catapult turtle to special summon T.G. Jet Falcon and synchro that way too. Or you can branch out of the T.G. Archetype and use any level 2 tuner like Plaguespreader Zombie.

It really is an amazing card. In my opinion if it did not require a T.G. non tuner it would be on par with Hyper Librarian.


  1. How do you dodge dark hole with it synchro summoning on the opponent's turn? I mean... the monster you summon with it is going to get hit by dark hole... and most likely, it will be hit by smashing ground, too.

  2. It cannot dodge dark hole or smashing ground. You are right. Fixed.