Monday, 2 May 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: T.G. Cyber Magician

Greetings yugioh peoples.
As much as i wanted to go, i couldn't make it to the Extreme Victory sneak peek. If you did get to go, i hope you pulled something good. One of the big debuts this set is Tech Genus. They are actually quite good. But since this is the only set they come in, they needed to make a big impression on players.

They come with an assortment of monsters. Some are good, and some are terrible. But today, i'm reviewing a very good one, which goes by the name of T.G. Cyber Magician

Antinomy's quick synchro maker!

This card is only level 1, and it has a blank 0 attack and 0 defence. Thats really bad, at least Kuriboh has 300 attack incase it needs to get over something (See, i can make sarcasm too!), but this guy's effect is broke as f***.

This card cannot be used as a synchro material except for the synchro summon of a T.G. Synchro monster. You can use T.G. Monsters in your hand for the other synchro materials for a synchro summon with this monster. When this card is destroyed, you can add one T.G. Monster from your deck to your hand at the end phase, except for another cyber magician.

So far, there are 4 T.G. synchro monsters that this card can go into: Wonder magician, Hyper librarian, Power gladiator and Recipro dragonfly. This makes Cyber magician very versatile, allowing you to make an out to a situation. Need to take out a face down? Go into Wonder Magician. Want to take out a monster and deal piercing damager? Go into power gladiator instead.

With this cards effect, you can synchro summon just by summoning this and using a T.G. card in your hand. That means you can easily create a synchro monster without having to commit to the field or put anything into the graveyard, which is really good.

Its last effect means if it gets torrential'd or something like that, you can get another T.G. monster, so even if you dont get to synchro summon before its destroyed, you can still +1 from it.

With the reasons stated above, you must play 3 T.G. Cyber magicians if you so choose to make a T.G. deck. Its just too good not to pass up. It is a super rare though, so getting them might be a little bit tough.

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