Sunday, 15 May 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: T.G. Hyper Librarian

Blogger is so stupid sometimes. I made a card review a couple of days ago about Meklord Astro Mekanikle. for some reason, its disappeared. And its not a decent enough card to make me want to review it again. (I apologize to anyone who has been waiting since wednesday for a new blog entry).
So i'll skip it and move along to the 3rd and most anticipated Nationals Prize Card, T.G. Hyper Librarian

Draw power at his fingertips.

This level 5 synchro monster has got a very nice 2400 attack and 1800 defence. That's really good on a level 5, since with that 2400 attack, it can go toe-to-toe with a monarch if it really needs to, but so can Magical Android so its not a huge deal. The 1800 defence means it's a decent defence if it so happens to be switched into defence. For some weird reason, it's a DARK attribute. That makes it chaos fodder but apart from that i would have preferred LIGHT so it would work with Honest. However, it does not require any specific non-tuners or tuners. You can just summon it with Junk synchron or Alien Ammonite or Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki and Kagemusha of the Six Samurai. There are so many ways to make a level 5 its not funny. But like all synchro monsters, big or small in level, it needs an effect to make the -1 (Using 2 monsters) upon summon worth it. This one does not disappoint:

While this card is face up, when a synchro monster is synchro summoned to the field, you must draw a card each time.

Wow. It's got one of those effects where you would read it the first time and think "That's not great", but 10 seconds later, you suddenly realise how many decks can abuse the hell out of this card. With synchro spamming being a big win condition in multiple decks, this card says "Please spam your extra deck and i'll reward you for it".

Not only does it reward you for doing it, you also draw whenever your opponent synchro summons. That means that if you spam the field with this card, your opponent will have to take down your front line to get to your life points and to do that, they will have to synchro summon. They can't get to you very easily if you have a 8 card hand on the beginning of every turn.

So what cards can you use with this card? Those are the synchro monsters that let you bring out more synchro monsters quicker, such as the Karakuri Synchros (They bring out a karakuri from your deck upon summon). Obviously, you can use the T.G. Archetype, which specialises in synchro summoning quickly, to get large amount's of draw. Another great card to use with Hyper Librarian is Formula synchron which will probably be the most abused combo out there. When Formula synchron is synchro summoned while Hyper Librarian is on your field, you can draw 2 cards then if you need to, you can synchro summon into black rose dragon on your opponent's turn for more advantage. Then you will have a light and dark in the graveyard for Chaos Sorcerer. With Hyper librarian, there are just too many decks that can take advantage of it's draw power.

Fortunately, most of the yu-gi-oh community is anticipating this card will be banned in september, giving it only a couple of months to reign terror in our game. However, i personally feel with Exceeds debuting around the same time, the synchro mechanic will slowly fizzle away. People may disagree with me on that, but no more tuners are going to be made either, so it just seems to me that this card joined the party a little past due. Therefore, i think Konami will put this card to 1, but im not 100% certain on that since you only need 1 Librarian on the field to gain advantage. It's a bit like heavy storm in the sense that when it's around, it completely reshapes the game and you have to play with that certain card in mind at all times. If you know your opponent has this card avaliable to him/her, you will have to synchro summon when it's not on the field, and play defensively when it is. There is no other synchro monster that does that.


  1. IMO: there are a good amount of good tuners nowdays. so if konami doesnt release more tuners, we dont have to worry about; cuz we have:

    1. psychic tuners + E teleport
    2. karakuri tuners
    3. birdman
    4. fishborg
    5. formula
    6. gale and blizzard
    7. and so on

    so with that amount of tuners, we should be satisfied.


  2. Yes i agree. There are plenty of tuners to use and so no matter what the future decks are, there will probably be a suitable tuner for it.

    Regardless of their abundance, they are no longer being made and that in itself discourages future players from using synchro monsters. Only time will tell what's going to happen, really.